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Are you starting to plan your Halloween themed dance show? We've got some easy dance costume ideas for you that are spooky, creepy and out-of-this-world! There are 10 looks for you to choose from that are from our Alegra costume collection, but don't take too long choosing as all of these looks are part of our made-to-order range. That means these costumes are made especially for you and currently can take up to 21 days to be made and dispatched. Most of these costume ideas come in adults' and children's sizes, so shop around on our site for the exact costume size that you need. Read more to discover this year's Halloween outfit! 


1 Devil Costume

Looking to create a red-hot devilish show with a wicked vibe? This red catsuit by Alegra is the perfect base for your devil costume for Halloween or nefarious dance show. Grab your pitch fork and devil horns and you're ready to go!  



2 Angel Costume

Be the angel to the devils! This angel costume unitard can be worn for an ethereal dance show, or why not create a dance-off between the red devils and white angels on stage? Add a pair of our silver angel wings or white feather wings and halo to complete your Halloween fancy dress look. Fancy being a dark angel this year? We've got black feather angel wings and red feather wings to turn your look into something more Hellish. Check out our costume wings for adults and kids here. 

white angel catsuit

Angel halo

Silver angel wings for halloween costume


3 Skeleton

A skeleton costume is legendary and totally underrated when it comes to a Halloween outfit! Using a black or white costume leotard or catsuit as a base, draw on your black/white skeleton bones pattern with our Snazaroo body paint. You can then make your skeleton costume as spooky as you like by using face paint to create a creepy skull face. Under the bright stage lights this look will really come alive (excuse the pun), or you can dim the lights so the audience can just make out an ominous bunch of dancing skeletal bones.

black costume leotard

white costume catsuit

skeleton costume tights

4 Colourful Clown Costume

Imagine a stage full of crazily colourful clowns dancing in our Alegra costume catsuits...quite menacing, right?! Find your creepiest clown pattern in our costume shop or choose from these faves. 

colourful clown costume

colourful clown costume

pink and white star pattern  The pink and white stars pattern is also one of our faves for a girls' clown costume. Visit the costume catsuits collection to find this pattern and our other clown patterns in your choice of style; they come in differently shaped leotards, catsuits, unitards, patterned costume tops, costume shorts, a circle skirtcostume leggings AND costume pants! 

Top your clown costume off with our colourful clown wig or other clown accessories like bowler hats and bow ties. 

colourful clown wig

5 Jester Costume / Circus Costume

Our circus costume catsuits make creepy Halloween outfits and work especially well as acro or contortionist outfits. 

diamond black and white circus pattern The Alegra HAR pattern is one of our most-loved at Move HQ. Dancer Belle is modelling this creepy circus-inspired look in our feature image, so check it out for some face paint inspiration to really help make your creep show come alive. 


6 Spider Costume

Spider costume with spider web pattern leotard

Ignite your audience's or fellow fancy dress-up fans' fears with a spider costume! Arachnophobic or not, our spider web patterned costumes are creepy-crawly and guarunteed to leave a lasting impression. Our spider web costumes come in an adults' Alegra Aspen catsuit or our Rosalie leotard for girls and make spooky Halloween outfits. Want an accessory to make your skin crawl? Add our spider leg wings (pictured above) to your outfit to totally transform into a spider! 

Spider web patterned costume catsuit halloween

kids' spiderweb halloween costume leotard

7 Scary Skull Costume

Are you looking for a fun Halloween costume that's not too scary? Our Alegra skull pattern comes in a few different styles for adults, like Alegra Josie leotard and Alegra Aspen catsuit. They're perfect for spooky themed dance shows without going all out horror! We personally love this skull patterned look for a Dios los Muertos (Day of the Dead) costume because it's inspired by Calaveras (sugar skulls). If you're wearing this for your Day of the Dead costume, use Snazaroo face paint to copy a sugar skull from your patterned leo or catsuit. 

Skull pattern halloween costume leotard

skull pattern costume catsuit

8 Pumpkin Costume

Don't be too late out this Halloween or you'll turn into a pumpkin! If you're actually looking at transforming into a pumpkin for your Halloween outfit or dance show this year, wear this orange stirrup costume catsuit with a pair of bright green tights and black jazz shoes! All of these costume items come in children's and adults' sizes, so shop the looks with us! 

orange pumpkin costume catsuit for halloween


9 Alien Costume

Looking for a Halloween costume or fancy dress outfit that's out-of-this-world? Our metallic silver dance costumes using a metallic circle skirt and metallic silver leotard are perfect to create an eerie alien costume. Are you feeling less Galactic and more green? Go all out cheesy for your alien costume with a shiny bright green catsuit or metallic green catsuit. Find yourself a pair of alien head boppers to complete your Space look. 

silver metallic costume skirt alien halloween

metallic silver costume leotard for halloween outfit

10 Thriller Dance Costume

We'll never be able to quite recreate the unique essence of Michael Jackson, but this is our take on a dance MJ costume using vibrant metallic red. Wear a metallic red leotard as a base, pull on a pair of metallic red flared jazz pants to capture MJ's style and then add an elastic black belt to bring the look together. Round up your favourite friendly dancing zombies and you're ready to replicate the Thriller music video!

metallic red Thriller costume leotard

metallic red flare pants thriller costume

Black elasticated costume belt

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