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Are you looking for vegan dancewear? Do you care about where your dancewear comes from? Or perhaps you just want to see what environmental impact your dancewear purchases have?  Our Alegra gymnastics clothing and costumes are designed at Move HQ and created in the UK from non-toxic, vegan-friendly fabric that’s made locally to us. Come behind the scenes with us to see how it’s made…

fabric supplier warehouse
colourful fabric rolls at fabric supplier warehouse
designing Alegra fabric


What Fabric do we use for Alegra?

We have the choice to create whatever our minds can conjure because our fabric supplier allows us endless possibilities so we can give you the most unique designs. The material itself is top-quality Italian fabric that’s world-renowned; the brand of fabric is a trusted favourite of the likes of Adidas, Victoria’s Secret and Decathlon. It’s made in Italy under ethical working conditions which makes us love it even more. You won’t find other dancewear and gymnastics brands offering you such high quality clothing options like we do! That’s because it’s a little more expensive than cheaper fabric brands, but with our fabric you’re getting a stretchy fit that lasts with a vibrant colour that’s there to stay.


colourful fabric on rail
colourful fabric on rolls
patterned fabric on rails


Our supplier says:

“It’s about taking garments to a different level”.


10 Ways we’re Reducing our Carbon Footprint with our Alegra fabric

  1. Our Italian fabric manufacturer uses recycling fabrics: nylon is made from recycled plastic bottles and polyester is made from recycled fishing nets. Check out #fromwastetowear to learn more about the Healthy Seas project.
  2. It’s vegan-friendly fabric
  3. Our local fabric supplier uses a dry print process - so no water is contaminated in the manufacturing process. The high quality sublimated Alegra prints are created through this dry process and any gases that are emitted in the process are non-toxic and water-based. dry printing Alegra fabric
  4. The fabric manufacturers in Italy do use water processing but they reuse that water around their site for the likes of plumbing. They told us that they manage to recover and reuse 448.953 m3 - that equates to the annual consumption of about 7.000 people!
  5. The fabric manufacturers pride themselves on using only renewable energy sources for their electricity. They challenge themselves to keep producing more and more energy in-house.
  6. The manufacturer uses a heat recovery system to reuse the thermal power that’s used during the fabric production process to heat their offices and staff areas.
  7. The paper that is used during the printing process at our fabric supplier’s is sent on for recycling at the end of its life
  8. The highest quality water-based inks from Italy and Japan are used by our fabric supplier.
  9. The thermoplastic glue that’s used when making our gorgeous foil designs is solvent-free, more environmentally compatible and has minimal negative effects on the environment.
  10. Your Alegra leotard could have been the one that gave life to a tree! The Italian site of our fabric’s creation has loads of trees planted to help balance the ecosystem..

* Please note that shiny Alegra products are not made using this Italian fabric mentioned but all other products are


What Happens to Fabric Waste?

Reducing the amount of waste in the dancewear and clothing industry is one of our passions. We in fact ensure that no product goes unloved and always has 2nd or even 3rd lives by being donated and reused. Fabric waste during the production of our Alegra fabric is kept to a minimum with high-tech automated measurement systems which cut the fabric to size precisely, meaning that there are no off-cuts. These computerised systems are used by the Italian manufacturers and also by our local fabric supplier. Even though computers seem to be running the show, we are all still human ultimately, so if any errors do occur, the fabric is given away to wanting people.


We hope you enjoyed learning about how your Alegra gymnastics, costumes and dancewear are made. Keep following our ethical journey because we have lots more to share with you!


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