​Saskia's Summer Ballet Core Workout

​Saskia's Summer Ballet Core Workout

By Move Dance on 25th Jul 2023

Bring the studio to you with Saskia's effective and quick Ballet Barre workout!! Perfect to do at home to keep fit over the summer holidays.

Wide Second

X10 Pulses

X10 Pulses on relevé

Relevé hold X10 seconds


TIP: Don't forget to keep a neutral spine, don't over do it on the turnout as this might damage your knees. Remember, if you engage your core this will help with the balance at the end.


Vertical V

X10 Demi plié pulses on relevé

X10 Full plié on relevé


TIP: Try not to arch your lower back, engage your pelvic floor muscles to keep neutral alignment.



X10 Lifts with pointed foot

X10 Pulses with pointed foot

X10 Lifts with flexed foot

X10 Pulses with flexed foot

Complete on both sides then repeat

TIP: Keep your back up as much as possible, avoid leaning forward this will help increase your back strength and improve your arabesque. Remember to pull your knees up to create that lovely long arabesque line.


Straight leg pretzel

X10 Leg lifts

X10 Pulses

 X10 In and outs

Complete on both sides then repeat

TIP: Remember to keep your upper body in a straight line, imagine you have a balloon attached to your head and it is lifting you up toward the ceiling. Keep the leg at a 90 degree angle too, try not to go any higher or lower.



X10 Flutter kicks

X10 Crunches in butterfly

X10 Crunches in tabletop


TIP: In the leg lowers avoid arching your lower back, if you find you're back is araching, we recommend to lift your legs slightly higher. Always remember to engage your core and keep a neutral spine!


We hope this has inspired you to give Saskia’s Ballet Core workout a go, checkout our Instagram @movedancewear to see the full reel!

The Move Dance Team