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Our Alegra gymnastics Limited Edition collection is back in time for Christmas! We've designed these leotards in-house with the sparkle, colour and festivity in mind that comes with the winter season, making any leotard from this collection the most must-have Christmas gift for a gymnast. There are 5 different colourful prints to choose from with varying styles to suit gymnastics training and competitions. They're only available for a limited time period, so if you want to make the gymnast in your life very happy with the most special and unique gymnastics gift for Christmas, now is the time to choose your favourites and get them before they're gone! 




Bringing the vibrancy and excitement of the disco scene to the gym floor, our discotheque leotards certainly make a bold statement! The rainbow print is made up of tiny colourful foil pieces to catch the light as a gymnast moves and flips.  Worried the discotheque leotards might be a little too much? Firstly, it's Christmas, so no amount of sparkle can ever be too much! Secondly, we've designed this pair of leotards with a plain black nylon back to look athletic and balance out the bold front. Our favourite out of these two is the racerback version for its fusion of fashion and fitness. 





Back by popular demand, we've reworked this ever-green favourite from last Christmas to bring you some new colours of the Storm leotard. Blue Storm brings the icy chill of winter in a cold colour with silver scored foil on top for a frosty effect. Purple Storm reminds us more of a colourful winter sky with its warm colour and unique gold scored foil. Both come with completely metallic backs that're gym trendy. 





Our Alegra Waltzer leotards are totally original and like nothing we've designed before! The Waltzer leotard comes in 3 different pastel colours in metallic fabric to make the pink, blue and purple pop. The shiny finish and swirling star print are especially popular with younger gymnasts. Looking at buying a gift for a little gymnast? These leos come up to age 8-10 and are ideal for gym training with their tank sleeves. 



Our Alegra Spyra print brings the galaxy to the gymnasium with its starry inspired design and outer space colours. Metallic silver stripes (and cuffs on the long sleeve version) coupled with the silver stardust foil that's printed onto each leotard brings some professional sparkle to a gymnast's look. The long sleeved version is just the unique look you've been looking for to stand out at your gym competitions.
Pixel Pop



These illuminating leotards add a lustrous highlight to your moves with their metallic shine and silver foil details. Got a gymnastics competition in the pipeline? The long sleeved version of Pixel Pop has just the right combination of metallics, shine and colour to be your winning look. The long sleeve and all over printed tank versions come with a complete metallic silver back, whilst the sleevless leo is bolder with a metallic black back. We love all of these modern and graphic looks! 

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