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Kai is one of the lovely team who package up your beautiful dance items with care. He's been dancing and wearing Move Dance for 2 years now. He danced as part of the Northern Ballet School's initiative to get more boys into dance with their 6 week programme, which includes ballet, contemporary, tap and jazz. He also does commercial classes at Dancehouse Theatre in Manchester (where some of our beautiful dance models are from). We love it when adults take up dance despite not coming from a dance background and that's exactly what Kai has done; he's fighting the controvsery that you won't succeed in dance unless you're born into it with natural skill. We chatted to Kai ahead of his audition to the Central School of Ballet - read on to learn his audition tips to help you succeed in your dance audition.


What is it That Draws you to Dance?

"I like the nuances of little movements and seeing how choreography is created from a series of small moves put together. I love celebrating when I get a movement right, like a double drag turn. I've always loved watching the Millenium Dance Company's videos and was inspired by Jade Chen's growth as a dancer. I was watching the TV show The Greatest Dancer recently as well and think it's great that dance gets more exposure on the TV now."

Here's a recent Millenium video for you to check out

What Dance Career do you Dream of?

"I want a leading role on Broadway or the West End. I absolutely love the buzz of performing and Musical Theatre - it's that familial feeling of everyone coming together to put a show on that really makes me happy. Then you go out under the stage lights and enter a little performance bubble in your own world with the cast...I think it's brilliant. I want to tour with Hamilton or Matilda."

Have you Been in any Dance Shows?

"I did Stage Coach as a kid so was in a couple back then, like Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang at the Palace Theatre. I was an extra part in Birmingham Royal Ballet's Romeo & Juliet as well. I'm lucky enough to usually get all the lead drama parts that I go for in more amateur performances like in RockyHairspray and Blood Brothers."

How are you Preparing for Your Dance Audition?

"I'm obviously working really hard perfecting my movements and positions. I have to do two classical monologues, a contemporary performance and a classical singing piece as well. I think that they'll really care about how I perform but also seeing how well I listen and take instruction. It's important that I act upon any feedback they give me whilst I'm there so I can make visible improvements. I know I'll really enjoy the audition regardless and think all dancers should remember that when applying anywhere."

Do you Have any Tips for Beginner Adult Dancers?

"Don't give up and you'll get there! There are times when I'm struggling with tap (it's my weakest principle) and want to just quit but then I get it eventually and get such a rush. It's just about learning but also learning not to chuck the towel in when it's getting hard - that just means you're advancing."

The future for Kai outside of Broadway or the West End should he not succeed with his audition (and repeated re-applications) looks bright for dance outreach where he'll teach others the love of dance that doesn't need to rooted in striving towards a dance career. 


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