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Audition Outfit Do's and Dont's

By Move Dance on 7th Mar 2024

Are you auditioning for dance college or for a professional dance job? Dance audition season has arrived so it's time to start planning the perfect dance audition look. When it comes to what to wear to a dance audition we would pick three words: flattering, simple and striking.

What to wear do’s and don’ts

DO keep it clean

The saying less is more definitely applies here. A simple leotard with flattering cut out detailing is a good way to go, you want to show off your lines so we would recommend something like a high leg camisole leotard to show off your legs and neck. For the colour keep it simple and don’t stand out for the wrong reasons, avoid bright-coloured/patterned leotards. Try to stick to neutral colours such as black, white or grey and maybe mix it up a bit if you want with a coloured skirt to show off a bit of personality. Remember: Always enter a dance audition looking neat & tidy, you want to show that you are professional!

DONT wear baggy clothes

The dance audition panel needs to see your lines, baggy clothes will hide your body and movement! Wearing baggy clothes might look like you are trying to hide your alignment to the panel. If you want to wear a skirt try and keep it short. A skirt can hide you but sometimes a small skirt is fine and gives you a bit of personality. Stay away from long skirts as again this can hide your lines and alignment it can make it difficult for the judges to assess your technique.

DO wear something comfortable

Dance auditions can be stressful enough you don't want to be worrying about your leotard popping open when you do floor work. Wearing something comfortable that you are familiar with and worn before is the best way to go. Don't decide to wear your brand new Ballet Rosa leotard you got for Christmas that you haven't tried on yet. Try out your outfit in classes before the dance audition. Test if it’s comfortable to wear and dance in. Make sure you don’t have to be adjusting your outfit throughout the class.It's important to wear items that you've rehearsed and performed in before to ensure comfort and confidence.

DON'T be afraid to be yourself

At the end of the day it's your dancing that will get you the job not what you're wearing! Wear something that makes you feel confident and ready to perform your best. Confidence can be just as important as your attire in making a positive impression.Of course its important to look the part but it dont worry about that too much, the panel are looking for a talented dancer not the best dressed in the room!

The very best of luck to you all this dance audition season from the team at Move Dance. Shop our amazing collection of dancewear, dance leotards and dance shoes to grab yourself the perfect dance audition outfit! For more dance fashion tips head over to our buying guide blogs.

Move Dance Team xx