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 Gymnasts in splits with leotards on


To coincide with the launch of Alegra Gymnastics Autumn 2017 range, we’ve been chatting to the Alegra gymnasts Yasmin (17) and Ruby (11). They began modelling for Move in 2016, and since then have become part of our on-site studio set, training just a stone’s throw from the Move Dancewear Office at Salford Gymnastics Club. 

Keep reading to find out what they think about the new collection, being a gymnast, and being a Move model! >>>


Q: Which is your favourite new leotard from the Autumn 2017 collection? 

Ruby: They're all so nice, it’s hard to choose… all of the purple ones! If I have to pick... the Alegra Twilight! The one with purple and blue all over. 

Alegra Twilight Purple Gymnastics Leotard

Ruby in Alegra Girls Twilight sleeveless gymnastics leotard £22.50

Yasmin: Definitely the Alegra Halley, tank version. It’s different to all others with just a metallic sleeve and no diamantes, but it's still edgy for older gymnasts like me. 

Alegra Halley Tank Silver Foil and Black Gymnastics Leotard

Yasmin in Alegra Halley sleevless gymnastics leotard £19.99.

Q: What was your favourite moment from the recent photoshoot at Move & Salford Gymnastics Club? 

R: The beam work, and perfecting the shots with me and Yas. We practised over and over to get the shot right. It was nice to have my make-up done at Move!

Y: There was a moment when we both took control of the camera, making some funny behind the scenes shots! The lighting effects at the Gym Club were really cool too. 


Gymnastics behind the scenes dressing tableYasmin and Ruby behind the scenes at our Move Dancewear studio


Q: We’ve seen you doing all kinds of tumbles and flips over the past two years, but what’s your signature move? 

R: All Aerials are my favourite, but this year I’ve been perfecting my free cartwheel.

Y: It would have to be my round-off flick (Arabian), and possibly standing back tucks on the floor.


Q: How long have you been at Salford Gymnastics Club? 

R: I’ve been here almost 3 years now!

Y: I started Gymnastics at 8 years old and joined the squad 6 years ago.


Q: Why would you recommend your club to other gymnasts? 

R: It’s a very friendly social club, but they do push you! It can be challenging… I’ve come quite far in 3 years.

Y: Like Ruby says, it’s definitely welcoming and friendly to new starters. It’s also a safe environment to practice new skills.


Q: Finally, what advice do you have for anyone new to gymnastics? 

R: Never… give… up! You will always get it in the end. Your coaches will make sure you succeed. Be brave!

Y: Keep practising your splits all the time. Don’t be scared to try new things, that fear could give you mental block and even lead to an injury. Let yourself go! 


Thank you, Yasmin and Ruby, for all your hard work on the latest shoot, we’ve been so excited for the launch! 

Photos by Melissa Soden 

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