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Leotard of the Month January

By Ballet Rosa


Amaris Gillies wearing Ballet Rosa grey lace leotard

Ballet Rosa Lace Long Sleeve Leotard


All of Ballet Rosa’s creations are beautiful and captivating. This leotard creates a long-lasting romantic impression and the elegant look that your ballet dancing deserves. Its femininity and graceful air is why it’s won first position this month! Read on to find out more reasons why we love this leotard…



You’ll fall in love with this leotard at first sight! The floral lace long sleeves are so romantic; they’re luxury dancewear at its finest. Despite the sleeves being so dainty and delicate in appearance, they’re actually robust with a slight stretch. Lace sleeves are the ideal choice this winter to keep you warm, yet the tiny holes in the lace allow your sweat to evaporate easily so you stay the best temperature.


Now let your eye glance down the length of the arm which is slimmed and accentuated by the central point finger threads. The threads are elasticated and finished with soft, invisible loops to fit the middle finger. The neckline scoops away from the sleeves at the perfect position to highlight the collar bones and extend the neck of the dancer. The lace upper on this leotard contrasts the fabric body of the leotard by mirroring the angle of the scoop neck. A full frontal lining finishes the front of the leotard for both comfort and security. Twin stitch seams give strength to the stitching on the leotard both front and back - another feature to give you peace of mind when putting stress on your leotard when dancing.


Check out our model Amaris wearing the black version of this leotard (above). She’s demonstrating to you with her pose just how flexible this leotard is. Amaris loved modelling this leotard and thinks that you could definitely wear it outside of ballet class, especially with a pair of jeans!



If you’re not in love by this (V!) point, then we’re in shock! Actually, we’re mesmerised just looking at the back of this leotard. Our model Amaris looks slender and elegant with the open back design revealing her chiseled back. The stretch in this leotard ensures that it remains skin-tight, even with so little fabric on her back! The open back design comes to a V point midway down the spine and has the finishing touch of an inch and a half of ruching above the small of the back. The back of the leotard is made of a soft fabric to contrast contrasts the lace, with a central seam in the most flattering place.


Love it as much as we do yet? Here’s a reminder of the top 3 reasons why we love this look.


Our favourite features:

 Leotard of the month January features.

What fabric is the leotard made of?

A winning combination of  polyamide and elastane work in harmony to create a stretchy leotard with a silky feel. If you choose the black version, you’re getting 85% polyamide and 15% elastane, whereas the grey is made up of 90% polyamide and 10% elastane. Despite having slightly different fabric percentages, both leotards perform the same way. They’re designed in this fabric to be wrinkle and stain resistant, whilst still encouraging a range of movement when you dance. That means you're less likely to get sweat and makeup stains on your leotard in comparison to leotards made of other fabrics. After an intense rehearsal or performance, your leotard will have worked hard but it will still have the same great fit the next time you come to wear it.



Handwash onlyHandwash your black leotard

Machine wash at 40 iconMachine wash your grey leotard

Don’t let your leotard be ruined by poor care! Your leotard is there to support you throughout dance, but you have to make sure you properly look after it too. Ensure you thoroughly read the care label when you get your leotard. The black leotard is hand wash only to maintain its strong colour, whereas the grey leotard can be machine washed at 40 °C. You’ll find that this fabric is very durable and will keep its shape wash after wash, but we recommend you try to keep washes to only when necessary so it lasts even longer!


Check back in February to see the next month’s hottest pick!

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