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Leotard of the Month

Bloch Opelly 

Ballerina in blue Bloch Opelly leotard



Bloch Opelly is a striking leotard from the Bloch Winter 2018 Collection. This Collection evokes deep, bold colours which harmonise with new style combinations for a season filled with colour. This leotard explores this colour journey, taking you from romantic burgundy, to lively petrol blue, then finishes off with a strong and chiselled black look. Opelly will showcase your strong independence as a dancer, but softens your look with feminine accents like floral mesh. This leotard is a little bit special, so come and fall under its spell with us…

So What’s Special About Bloch Opelly?

1) Mesh Sleeves


Ballerina wearing black mesh sleeve leotard

Mesh sleeves might not seem that new and exciting anymore as we’ve all by now tried mesh for fitness and come to love it for its stylish yet cooling properties. Bloch are stepping up the mesh game with their floral mesh design, and we just can’t get enough! Opelly is one of the best examples from the Winter Collection showcasing this gorgeous look, because you really get to see the level of elaborate thread work on the sleeves.  Silky thread is used to create a feminine floral pattern that’s stitched into the mesh. Intricate flowers then grow out of the design at the base of the sleeves and extend up the arm to where a t-shirt sleeve would sit. The contrast then between the plain mesh inserts and the patterned version is so striking and allows the sheen of the silky thread to shine.  Elasticated edging around the ¾ sleeves adds just that little extra for maximum comfort during dance.

Bloch Opelly floral sleeveHere's a close-up of those gorgeous sleeves >




2) Keyhole Cutouts

Bloch Opelly burgundy leotard keyhole cutouts

Opelly truly feels indulgent and treats you to not one, but two keyhole cutout details on the back. There’s a perfectly cylindrical top cutout, then a marquise shape (kind of like an oval) is cut out below it. This horizontal asymmetry draws attention to a dancer’s back in a stylish twist, yet also functions as a cooling outlet to ensure you’re always performing best. Keyhole cutouts are great for those multi-functional benefits we’ve mentioned, but they also act to keep your dancewear just that little bit flirtatious. The cutouts allow your skin to peek a little without revealing too much and ruining the classicism of dance - if you’re a ballerina. Cutouts are quite frankly alluring, but it’s always a good thing in dance to draw someone’s eye to your back so they can assess your perfect posture.

Bloch Opelly is indulgent in any colour, particularly this burgundy version for £34.75

3) Feel


Opelly is unbelievably soft! You’re getting a premium feel for less with this leotard. It’s made of a stretchy nylon and spandex blend so you’ll always get the best fit. Nylon is classically known for being thin and breathable, but this leotard only takes the latter feature. Opelly is of supreme quality and thickness for comfort and opacity, but not to make you sweat. The leotard is still breathable, but gives you the ideal amount of coverage whilst you dance.

4) Those little details…


Bloch Opelly ribbon bow leotard burgundy


The keyhole cutouts are finished off like a bow with a dainty central knot that nestles into the curve of the spine. The knots are made of a small piece of matching fabric which wraps around the two cutouts to add an air of femininity. They serve a secret function to protect your skin from rubbing around the cutouts when you dance, so don’t be fooled into thinking Bloch’s only got style on their radar.

Dainty knots finish off Bloch Opelly at the back

5) It’s nice to know…


Opelly has an elasticated nude shelf bra lining insert and a nude gusset lining. Also, there are no central seams, which means your silhouette is not interrupted by stitching for a smooth finish. The linings should give you a little extra comfort and coverage whilst dancing, and also help to keep your leotard wearable for longer. All of these features make Opelly the ideal leotard choice for dance, but we can’t help dreaming about making this leotard work overtime by heading out with a pair of heels on after dance class. Opelly is so sophisticated; you’ll turn heads wherever you wear it, leaving people wondering where they can get such a gorgeous leotard from! Let’s keep it our secret…  

Features of Bloch Opelly

Remember the best bits…


Bloch Opelly features



Bloch really did think of every little detail on this leotard, right down to the care label written in beautiful shiny silver ink. This label instructs you to machine wash Opelly at 30°C to protect the rich colours so your leotard will live to dance many seasons more.

So that's Bloch Opelly! Make sure to get one for yourself by clicking here

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