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Leotard of the Month - December

Bloch Kalle

Bloch Kalle blue mesh back of leotardBloch Kalle leotard £30


This month’s favourite pick is Bloch’s Kalle leotard in black and blue from the Bloch Autumn 2017 collection. It’s part of a seasonal collection and only available to buy from us for a limited time! We’re giving the blue version a little more attention just because the studs and mesh accents are highlighted more in this colour, but the black is just as fabulous!


Kalle is a sophisticated ladies’ leotard that complements ballet and jazz dancing, but is also versatile to wear for any dance style. The Art Deco style mesh panels make this leotard stand out in your dance wardrobe. It’s one of our edgy fashion leotards, so don’t feel like you have to reserve this leotard just for dance… imagine how stylish it would look with a pair of jeans and heels! You can grab this multi-wear leotard at a great price despite it being so decadent! Keep reading to further explore Bloch Kalle. 

Front of Bloch Kalle:

Bloch Kalle black leotard front

Looking at the front of the leotard, you’ll notice that the fabric is plain with a simple scoop neck. That makes this leotard suitable for fun classes and formal class, especially when wearing the black version.  The camisole straps are wide for added comfort to relieve pressure from a narrow point on the collar bones.


There’s an elasticated bra shelf lining inside the leotard, which is black in both leotards, but is unnoticeable from an outer view. The lining is to reduce discomfort caused by chafing, and to add an additional layer to the leotard to maintain opacity across the bust, whilst improving the outer appearance of the chest.



Back of Bloch Kalle:

Bloch Kalle back of black leotard

Looking at the back of Bloch Kalle is when we really start to get excited! We love the dainty single lines of studs that are designed to give a fashionable edge, but this is subtly done by matching the studs’ colour to the leotard.  The studs are hardwearing but non-metal semispheres, which means that they lie flat and comfortably against the skin because they’re half circles. The blue studs look almost pearlescent, whereas the black ones have a glossy shine. The plain front coupled with the studded mesh design creates a professional look that’s wearable by students, amateurs and professionals alike.


The back of the leotard encompasses a fashionable and sporty look with the mesh panels and racer back. Did you know that a mesh leotard is an ideal fashion choice to keep cool? The mesh panels allow sweat to evaporate quickly through tiny holes, helping you keep your cool even during complicated routines.


As this style is only for adults, Bloch have really thought of everything when designing a slimming women’s leotard. Along with the angled panels to sculpt the dancer’s figure, the V back seam is the most flattering cut on any adult body to accentuate the waist and reduce attention from the bottom.


Bloch have packed so many elegant, fashionable, and sporty features into the Kalle. Take a look at some close-ups of our favourites:

 Bloch Kalle features

How to wear your leotard

Wear Kalle with or without tights, it’s even comfortable enough to wear with your tights over your leotard! We prefer styling Kalle with just a pair of tights and ballet shoes for the bold look that it deserves, but you can also layer up by pairing with shorts or a skirt. We’ve got some suggestions on what you can wear your Kalle with:

What fabric is the leotard made of?

Kalle is made of a stretchy fabric that’s figure-hugging whilst being flexible and supportive. Even the camisole straps expand slightly to maximise comfort and support your bust. Double stitching along the seams increase the durability of the leotard, as you can stretch in confidence knowing your leotard supports your moves. It feels super soft against the skin, which makes it an even more irresistible buy because you can indulge in gentle fabric with a professional looking finish for less this season!


The main leotard material is 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex Matte. That’s what gives the leotard its stretch and smooth feel. Kalle is lightweight but the perfect thickness to ensure opacity whilst remaining cool, which is enhanced by the sweat-wicking nylon. The mesh panels are made of 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex Powermesh, which again has moisture-wicking benefits.


What colours does Bloch Kalle come in?

Kalle is available in black and blue. Bloch call the blue version “storm blue”, which Bloch Kalle front of blue leotardmakes us think of a moody dark sky before rainfall, and the studs give a sharp accent that’s a reminder of hail. We like to think of it as soft powdery blue because of it’s silky feel.



So why choose black over blue? Black is a more versatile choice and most likely favoured by your dance teacher. It’s also a classic colour that’s never going to go out of fashion and can be smartly paired with any colour layers easily.

Caring for your leotard 

HandwashWe recommend that you gently hand-wash your leotard in cold water to preserve the colour for even longer. Lay flat to dry to maintain the leotard’s shape and stretch, although Bloch have made this leotard in nylon to ensure that it is shrink and stretch resistant. We hope you love it as much as we do!



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