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Keep Fit this Summer with our New Move Dance Fitness Range

Keep Fit this Summer with our New Move Dance Fitness Range

By Move Dance on 20th Jun 2019

Summer is often a tricky time of year for many dancers, the lack of classes over the summer break often leaves many people not knowing what to do with themselves. Obviously you want to stay in shape but due to minimal classes or in some cases no classes at all for a few weeks what can you do? We’ve come up with 10 ideas for you to keep fit this summer whilst wearing our brand new Move Dance Fitness Range.

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Summer Intensives

There are Summer Intensives for all ages so you may as well make the most of them, plus it will stop you from missing your usual dance classes! There’s so many different programs out there so make sure you do some research and figure out which suits you best.

Open Studio Classes

It’s really good for you to try other classes with a different teacher, the more you broaden yourself, the more you learn. Classes by different teachers and in different locations may focus on different things than you usually do meaning you can improve in areas you might not necessarily work on usually. Some of our new dance fitness range would be perfect for wearing to class. Check out these Move Dance Ankle Mesh Dance Leggings and Move Dance Tie Back Dance Top to go to class in style.

 Move Dance Tie Back Dance Top

Move Dance Ankle Mesh Dance Leggings

Get Outside

Take advantage of the weather and not being in the dance studio, you should do something more outdoorsy while you have the chance to. The Move Dance Open Back Dance T-Shirt is ideal for layering if you choose to workout outside, team with the Move Dance Two-Tone Dance Leggings.The warmer weather also means it’s safer and easier to work on your flexibility by stretching.

 Move Dance Open Back Dance T'Shirt

Move Dance Two-Tone Dance Leggings


It goes without saying how important stretching is, but especially during the summer break you need to make sure you’re stretching at least every other day and every time you’ve danced or been active. You also need to take advantage of the warmer weather meaning you can really work on your flexibility. If you don’t stretch you can easily lose your flexibility range, you can even stretch while you’re watching TV.

Be Active

Muscle tone can be lost quickly and once September comes back around you’ll be back to class again and rehearsing for performances, so it’s important that you’re prepared to get straight back into your hectic dancer lifestyle again! Being active can range from taking up a new sport to simply walking your dog, you’ve just got to find what’s right for you. It’s good motivation to try to keep fit so you’re ahead of your peers come dance season. Move Dance Cross Back Dance Crop Top and Move Dance Dance Shorts are ideal for keeping active and staying cool.

Move Dance Cross Back Dance Crop Top

Move Dance Shorts

Don’t Overdo It

Although it’s good to take up something new and different, don’t push yourself too much. You don’t want to cause an injury meaning you’re unable to get straight back into dancing when classes start in September. The summer break is a break after all!

Have Fun

Even though you are purposely trying to keep fit, it’s important that you are still enjoying everything that you’re doing. If some forms of exercise are making you miserable and you absolutely hate it, then switch it up. There’s so many different ways you can stay active, from running to swimming to pilates or even just continuing to dance. The Move Dance Cross Back Dance Top is ideal for activities such as yoga and pilates thanks to the baggy style. The top comes in black, pink and white so you could have one to match every workout outfit!

Move Dance Cross Back Dance Top


Eating well over summer is hard. It’s a good idea to come up with an eating plan and trying your best to stick to it. Obviously it’s impossible to avoid all things bad, but as long as you eat them in moderation and stay active you’ve got nothing to worry about for going back to class come September.

Keep Hydrated

You need to keep hydrated over summer, whether you’re active or just resting, it’s important to drink plenty. Drinking between 6-8 glasses of water each day helps to keep your bones, nails and hair in good condition, it will also benefit your skin giving it a healthy glow.


Although it’s important to stay fit and active over the summer break, it is a break for a reason, it’s a chance for your body to rest and recover. Make sure to take at least a few days where you consciously rest your body.

Although it’s important to keep fit over the summer break you also need to make sure you have fun! Our new Move Dance Fitness range is now available on our website featuring a variety of leggings, shorts and tops.

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