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We’re so excited to introduce you to our NEW Alegra Fuse costume collection! We’ve designed this collection in-house to bring an electric infusion of colour to your show and competition costumes. Each style is your jet black canvas which you can easily personalise without any messy and time-consuming customisations by choosing your favourite vibrant colour insert for the V-neck. We’re sure this collection will help you put on a fabulous show with dancers of any age!

Why Choose Alegra Fuse Costumes

for Your Dance Show?

Alegra Fuse is aptly named to embody the electric pop of colour infusion on the jet black canvas. They’re bold, unique and look captivating under bright stage lights. Are you a dance teacher? You’re especially going to love being able to choose from 12 different insert colours along with 11 different styles. Got young and adult dancers in the same show but want a unified look? You can mix-and-match from the different styles to suit each individual performer, choosing the same colours, complementing tones or total contrasts. The other absolute bonus of this new Alegra collection is that all styles are readily available! Some shiny nylon fluorescent colours will be made-to-order, so shop the full collection now to choose your perfect costume colours in time for your dance show.


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We know you’ll love removing the time and stress from having to make your own costumes with Alegra Fuse being a complete look. You can however add your own final touches like ribbons in matching colours to the V-neck insert. 

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What’s in the Collection?

Behind the scenes Alegra Fuse

Adults and kids can be fully kitted out for their show or competition costume from our Fuse collection! Catsuits, leotards (one’s even skirted!), briefs, shorts, leggings, a netted skirt for girls and crop tops are packed into this Fuse collection to spoil you for choice! Most of these styles come in different shape variations to suit the theme of your dance show perfectly. You’re sure to especially love the matching briefs and crop tops combos that you can create!  


Alegra Fuse Sleeveless Catsuit | Alegra Fuse Girls Sleeveless Catsuit


Alegra Fuse Halterneck Leotard | Alegra Fuse Girls Halterneck Leotard


Alegra Fuse Girls Skirted Leotard


Alegra Fuse Girls Netted Skirt


Alegra Fuse Long Sleeve Leotard | Alegra Fuse Girls Long Sleeve Leotard


Alegra Fuse Bootleg Catsuit | Alegra Fuse Girls Bootleg Catsuit


Alegra Fuse Long Sleeve Crop Top | Alegra Fuse Girls Long Sleeve Crop Top


Alegra Fuse High Waist Briefs | Alegra Fuse Girls High Waist Briefs


Alegra Fuse Sleeveless Crop Top | Alegra Fuse Girls Sleeveless Crop Top


Alegra Fuse Waistband Shorts | Alegra Fuse Girls Waistband Shorts


Alegra Fuse Waistband Leggings | Alegra Fuse Girls Waistband Leggings

Choose from these 12 metallic and shiny nylon colour inserts:

  Black gold costume colour Black and blue costume colour Black and purple costume colour Black and fluorescent green costume colour Black and fluorescent pink Black and white costume colour Black and yellow costume colour Black and baby pink costume colour Kingfisher costume colour Aqua costume colour fluorescent orange costume colour Silver costume colour



Our Highlights of the Alegra Fuse Collection

With a collection so vast in styles, it can be hard to choose! We’ve pulled out our top 3 costume looks from the Fuse collection to give you a little guidance. All of these costume variations are available for both adult and child dancers.


Halterneck Leotard

Alegra Fuse Halterneck Leotard

This costume is slick and clean with its high neck and backless appeal. Add a pair of fishnets and you’re ready to reenact Chicago or 42nd Street! Get the adults' version here


Turtleneck Catsuit

Alegra Fuse Bootleg Catsuit

The Alegra Fuse turtleneck catsuit is totally show-stopping! It’s perfect for jazz dancer performances with its flared bootcut leg to add a touch of flair to the dance moves. The turtleneck creates gorgeous hourglass shapes on adults and is a sophisticated look for kids! Shop the kids' version here


Briefs & Matching Crop Top

Long sleeve high neck Alegra Fuse costume top

Long sleeve Alegra Fuse crop top

We absolutely adore this trendy costume created with briefs and crop tops from the Fuse collection. The long sleeved crop and briefs look is perfect for shows and competitions!


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