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We wanted to introduce some fresh new faces to model our ranges at Move Dance to you, so we went and had another casting day at LIPA last year. We absolutely fell in love with Peter for what he's like both on and off the camera and we want to let you have this experience too. We've since chatted to him to be able to share more with you about his dancing background.

Peter Move Dance model


1. How old are you and where are you from?

I am 19 and am from Claverdon in Warwickshire

2. Have you graded in any dance styles?

I have graded in ballroom and Latin up to gold bar

3. What's your favourite dance style?

My favourite style is contemporary fusion or hip hop

4. When did you first start dancing?

I've been dancing since I was 6! I started out doing ballroom & Latin and American and then started competing at age 12. 

5. What got you into dance?

I just had a real passion for dance when I was little and got my mum to take me to classes. It's funny how things have turned out because I actually got her into doing ballroom & Latin herself - she's actually a ballroom & Latin dance teacher now! 

6. What dance competitions have you entered?

Well I've competed from age 12 right up to college so there have been loads! My favourite ones that I can remember have been the Worlds at Winter Gardens in Blackpool (that was 3 years ago), Stars of the Future, Champions of Tomorrow and I was part of the show at The Symphony Hall's charity event. 

7. Why do you compete in dance?

I absolutely love the adrenaline rush from comps and also enjoy testing my dancing against the competition! 

8. What's it like at a dance competition? Are your fellow competitors friendly?

Well obviously it's a really busy weekend or an even busier day if it's on for a shorter time period. I do a set routine with my partner in a series of rounds across the 3 heats. There are 12 couples per heat usually so there is a lot of competition because that equates to 48 couples initially, then down to 24, then down to semis. Everyone is really friendly though and supportive of each other; it's just really nice to take part even if you don't win. 

9. What's your favourite competition dance routine?

I don't necessarily have a favourite but I definitely enjoy doing the Waltz the most.

10. Which dance school are you currently at?

I am at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA). I love LIPA to pieces!

11. What dance style are you focused on?

I am focusing on my contemporary

12. What other types of dance do you do at LIPA?

I do contemporary, jazz, urban, tap and ballet. We train in all styles at LIPA though and I even get to do aerial silks classes! I love learning new dance styles and think ballroom & Latin was a good foundation for me in my training. 

13. What's your ideal dance job?

My ideal job would to dance for Kenrick Sandy. I do want to try cruise ships in the future though so I can get back into ballroom & Latin dancing. It's just a little too expensive right now as a dance student to keep having lessons. 

14. Have you modelled before?

Modelling for Move is my first time! 

15. Who's your dance idol?

I don’t really have one single idol due to appreciating the uniqueness of every dancer

16. Do you have a favourite dance routine or song to dance to?

My favourite song is 'Dancing in the Moonlight'

17. What's an interesting fact about you?

I have done ballroom since I was six and only started other styles at 17

18. What's your fave cheesy party dance?

The Candy dance from Cameo's music video - it plays all the time at family parties and I just can't resist! 


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