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Introducing Basilica Dancewear

Like a breath of fresh air, Basilica’s unique dancewear designs are making their mark on our website all the way from Greece. They were founded in 1999 by Lena Loupos, a ballet teacher with over 35 years of dance experience. Basilica Dancewear actually started out because of Lena’s personal struggle to find Greek dancewear that matched the high quality which she needed to help her excel in dance. So in true strong woman fashion, Lena introduced her own line of dancewear to Greek dancers to help fill that gap on the market and our dancers took note!

Their aim is to create “unique and practical products that stand out”. Basilica means “royal” and this is exactly how they want you to feel when you wear a piece of dancewear by them. And so… we present to you a range of dancewear with unique prints and styles to not only support you throughout your dancing ambitions, but also help you add a little personal flair to your dance wardrobe.



Designing leotards was one of the first things that Basilica began doing. Their leotards were relatively simple, but the fusion of dancewear with fashion was something that Basilica were a forerunner for at the time of this marriage of the two in the wider dance industry. Below are some of our favourite fashion leos from their newest collection.

Basilica_High_Neck_Long_Sleeve_Lace_Leotard_WhiteBe sophisticated in elegant lace for only £34.95. Buy it here 
Basilica_Racerback_Geometric_LeotardLove this geometric print? Get it for £34.95
Basilica_Monochrome_Open_Back_LeotardOwn the open back monochrome leotard for £34.95


You can see just from a few of these examples we’ve pulled from the range that the styles are so varied, you’re bound to find something that portrays your own style perfectly! Tactel fabric dominates this range for a reason - it’s lightweight, breathable, dries fast and is said to be 8x stronger than natural fibres like cotton. The long sleeve lace leotard above is said by Basilica to be their “ultimate bestselling leotard”. Not only does it have a beautiful style with the angled turtleneck, it’s enhanced with 4-way stretch elastic lace to make it even more performance ready. Basilica’s collection of leotards include a number of unique prints like the marble effect monochrome print and the exciting geometric one that you can see above. Their floral patterns help you add a little romanticism into your look if that’s more your style. The leotard shapes are modern and varied so you can choose whether you want a functional racerback or if you want to show off your physique in an open back design. Browse their full collection here to find your new leotard.


Skirts: Short & Long

Basilica_short_patterned_coral_skirtBasilica’s patterned ballet wrap skirts are yours for £22.75


Basilica’s short ballet wrap skirts come in 3 different patterns so you can choose from an Art Deco style print, a Bohemian one or a paisley style print. The mesh is light and airy for a delicate finish, offering you some slight coverage on your thighs during dance class. They’re a simple way to inject some colour into your dance outfit if you’re required to wear a plain leotard, because the skirt is easily worn and removed with a quick wrap-tie. Bring some of that Basilica Grecian heat by choosing the vibrant coral wrap skirt, or keep it versatile with the monochrome!

 Basilica_Long_Mesh_Skirt_GreyBuy a soft chiffon skirt for only £32.50

Imagine yourself on stage, twirling and leaping across the stage as your skirt beautifully ripples around you. Basilica’s soft chiffon skirts enhance your moves as you dance, like making a pirouette seem effortless yet mesmerising with the light fabric gently floating around you. They’re available in delicate colours of pink, burgundy and grey to add a subtle hint of colour to your ballet and contemporary outfits.


Ballet Shoes

Basilica floral arch ballet shoesAdd a personal flair to your ballet shoes with these for £18.95. Buy them in black or pink

Basilica’s ballet shoes encompass romanticism and a contemporary style all in one. The soft floral print comes in realist colours and stands out whether worn in black or pink. We fell in love with these designs when Basilica presented them to us because we know how much our dancers strive to stand out from the ballet crowd. These shoes offer you the ability to show your personality on the sole of your shoes, something which you couldn’t before do unless you wanted to be risque and take a marker pen to your soles (not to be advised!). The floral print enhances the beauty of your dancing, showing a flash of colour as you leap across the dance floor. We think these shoes are revolutionary, so make your mark in ballet by standing out with floral soles!


Want more? Click here to browse the whole Basilica Dancewear collection.


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