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Alison was born in Port MacQuarie, Australia and joined the English National Ballet in 2005. She was a Genee Silver Medal winner and Prix de Lausanne Prize winner, and won the 2014 Emerging Dancer Competition. She has collaborate with Flawless, and continues to perform as an Artist with the English National Ballet.


How old were you when you first took a ballet class?

I was 4 when I first started


Is dancing what you always wanted to do?

Yes, i loved swimming also as a child but dancing was my real passion


What made you decide to come over to the UK?

Because Australia is so isolated it made sense to train in London so I could have as many opportunities as possible when it came to getting a job in a company in Europe.


What has been your favourite role so far?

Giselle act 2! I love the story of Giselle, especially Act 2, the way her love saves Albrecht from death is so pure!


What is your favourite piece to dance to?

The music from Manon and Romeo and Juliet are probably at the top of the list! I love dramatic scores!


Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Hopefully still dancing and getting as many opportunities onstage as now! I would love to have danced Juliet, Manon and Giselle by then!! I can hope!


What would you say has been your biggest challenge so far as a dancer?

Having mental strength. Mentally it’s very difficult! Because you and others are criticising you every day in order to improve it can be tough to stay strong.


And what do you do when you're not dancing?

I love swimming, reading, watching movies… the usual! And rest!


What advice would you give to young and aspiring dancers?

Work hard!! I think if you have a real passion for it and you believe in yourself then you can do anything


Who are your artistic influences?

Alina Cojocaru, Tamara Rojo, Justine Summers. Also all my colleagues and teachers around me that support me every day.


What do you believe is the biggest misconception of ballet dancers?

That it’s easy and it’s not a real job!! I’ve had so many people think I’m at school, it’s so frustrating! Being a dancer is a very tough job, with long hours and lots of sweat and sometimes blood and definitely tears!


If you weren't a dancer what would you do?

I’m very into holistic healing and nutritional therapy, so maybe something in that field.