How To With BKG -  Warm Up Your Feet For Pointe Shoes

How To With BKG - Warm Up Your Feet For Pointe Shoes

By Bethany Kingsley-Garner on 25th Oct 2022

Hi, Move Dance! BKG here, excited to share my second blog on ‘How to warm up your feet for pointe shoes’

Essential to do every day and especially now as we approach the winter season!

Preparing your feet before wearing pointe shoes is vital to prevent injury. Your pointe shoes should feel like an extension of your leg; comfortable and light to compliment a beautiful line.

Firstly, you will need to encourage the blood flow to reach down to your toes and wake up all the intricate muscles.

The two exercises I have prepared will help warm up the toes and the arch of the foot stretching up to the calf. The second exercise will build strength.

Exercise one

With your band place the ball of your foot at one end so your toes when pointed are still covered by the band.

In 4 counts using resistance stretch to full point.

As you flex back you should give a little calve stretch at the same time.

After 5 sets we move just to the toes,

Still in 5 sets go from Demi point to full point and hold the last one for a breath.

Exercise two


With your feet in parallel at the barre, making sure all metatarsals are pressed down, rise up keeping the same distance in the heels, not rolling in or out.

Rise up for 4 and down for 4.

After 5 sets make the transfer to one leg, having the other leg, use the same technique to ensure you're not leaning on the barre and keeping your eye line up.

I hope these exercises let you feel inspired in your pointe shoes.

BKG ❤️

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