​How To With BKG - Improve Your Jump

​How To With BKG - Improve Your Jump

By Move Dance on 8th Nov 2022

Hello, BKG here,

This blog is to help you improve your jump, to bring strength to the backs of the legs, and bring stamina to be able to articulate your feet when jumping. Something so important when jumping in pointe shoes too.

Jumps are a powerful and explosive move that should give the audience a feeling of the dancers flying.

They can be fast and dynamic, held and long.

Each jump should be executed using the strength from your feet right up to your glutes, having your arms in beautiful classical positions, and not taking any strain.

Here are two exercises to help build strength and agility for your jumps.

Focusing on the hamstrings and glutes you can then use that technique to drive the power when turned out.

Exercise one

Here we will do a squat into a rise alternating into a jump.

For our squat, you want to make sure you are in a comfortable position with your knees over your toes. As you plié keep your hamstrings and glutes engaged, drive your legs up to a strong rise to your highest arch.

Exercise two

We start with a step back into a lunge, go as far as comfortable for your knees and ensure your hips are in line.

Drive the leg you have back forward bringing you to stand up, and engaging the glutes to support you.

To progress when you are able you can drive up to a jump with the feet pointed.

Thank you so much for reading my blog series,

I hope you have found new inspiration and ideas you can take with you.

Keep dancing and creating art. 

BKG ❤️