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Grishko's new Knitted Warm-ups Collection was made in collaboration with real dancers who described their dream warm-ups clothing. Dancers shared with Grishko exactly how they love their warm-ups layers to feel and look and Grishko then went away to design a dancer's dream warm-ups collection. Keep reading to discover what dancewear beauties they created.

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About Grishko's New Warm-ups Collection

"The new warm-up collection meets all the artists’ needs and the harmony of colors shifts you to the beach smiled in sunshine emotionally preparing you for the fruitful workout.
Natalia Kim (Slesareva)
The Kremlin Ballet Theater Artist

Start out your day with a bright mood created by wearing Grishko's new colourful knitted warm-ups. Your positive mood and heat will stay with you even after class! We're sure your attention has been grabbed by the unique, bold colours that Grishko have chosen - can you tell that they're inspired by the skies of beautiful sunrises?  The calming pastel colours of this collection would really give a light lift to your dance wardrobe and would keep you looking elegant all-year-round. Sadly the colours of a sunrise will fade, but Grishko have pushed to ensure that the bright colour of your new warm-up will last after many washes. 

Grishko have used the absolute must-have material when it comes to warmth - Merino wool. The Italian wool is world-renowned for being one of the best fabrics to wear to get warm fast without feeling damp or itchy. Grishko say they've used a "pearly-knitting" technique to actually stitch the fabric of the new collection, which means that they've ensured their new warm-ups have the stretch you need to warm up any body part (even allowing you to get your full box splits). Professional dancers, prima ballerinas and soloists from world-famous dance companies have put this warm-ups collection through its paces, really testing the stretch and fit to ensure it meets the comfort, style and performance needs of every dancer. 

What Styles are in Grishko's Knitted Warm-ups Collection?

Grishko's knitted warm-ups collection includes 5 new styles in the eye-catching striped colours: a shrug, legwarmers, a shortard, a unitard and shorts. Dress head-to-toe in a full Grishko warm-ups outfit from this new Knitted Collection like gorgeous dancer Sally models for you in this lookbook. Is that too much colour for you? The beauty of this collection is that you can take just one style and totally transform your warm-ups look by injecting these coastal colours. Shop each style now:


Grishko Knitted Shortard
Grishko Striped Knitted shorts
Grishko Striped Knitted Unitard




Grishko Striped Knitted Warm-ups Shrug
Grishko Striped Knitted Legwarmers


Explore Grishko's Knitted Warm-ups Collection

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