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Fashion Patterned & Printed Leotards

Fashion prints


Prints in the world of fashion have inspired dancewear to develop from the classic leotard looks that you’d wear for your exams to stylish looks that look catwalk ready. Leotards are now inflected with a fashionable edge that keeps dance fun and fresh particularly in rehearsals for ballet, but also modernises certain ballroom and latin leotard styles. Block coloured leotards are versatile and harmonise with the majority of dance outfit ideas you can come up with, like a classic black leotard with pink shorts. Patterned and printed leotards require just that little bit more thought when conjuring up your dance outfit, and that’s why we love them. This is precisely the inspiration of fashion on dancewear which we’re talking about. Dancers everywhere aren’t just throwing on the first basic leotard they set eyes on when they open their wardrobe, they’re now carefully constructing their outfits to display their personality and taste even on the dance floor. The selection of printed leotards on offer at Move encourage you to express yourself through looking a little different to every other dancer - how far you want to take that with the type of pattern is your choice.


What’s the difference between a print and a pattern?

A print will never be visible on the underside of the fabric, whereas if the leotard is patterned, you’ll always be able to see the design when you turn it inside out. Most patterns require certain techniques like block and screen printing to actually apply the design, which is why “patterned” and “printed” are used interchangeably.


Now, we’ve got 5 patterned and printed leotards that we MUST show you...

1) So Danca Mesh Waist Leaf Leotard

So Danca Mesh Waist Leaf LeotardGet this leo for £33.95 by clicking here


This unique design features patterned mesh in panels, as opposed to an all-over pattern just to keep things interesting. The design is printed onto light-coloured mesh so it appears nude when worn against your skin. The mesh leaf pattern is introduced on the front of the leotard, but the back is where it’s at… this is where the leaf motif completely takes over the leo. Feast your eyes on this mesmerising, tessellating pattern:


Mesh waist leaf print 

We 💗 this because...

The contrast of the plain black body to the patterned mesh is so striking! 


The leaf pattern is a gorgeously feminine look and resembles a fashionable leopard print. This leo looks great for ballet, tap, modern and jazz rehearsals, but it’s truly at home on a ballroom and latin dancer.



2) Ballet Rosa Keyhole Patterned Leotard

Ballet Rosa floral patterned leotardBuy Ballet Rosa's leotard for £49.50 here

Delicate roses decorate the dancer’s neck in this leo, making it look like a dainty floral necklace. The flowers create a V shape which perfectly balances the high neck and makes this style look good on dancers with all face shapes. The vintage floral print on the front coupled with the high neck exude pure sophistication and class. The design is printed on top of black scale shapes, and this adds depth to the overall look of the leotard. An oval gap in the pattern on the neckline of the leotard draws focus centrally, helping to enhance the symmetry of the design. Its soft feel and luxurious look makes this leo seem like it’s hand-painted and silken… it’s not, but the detail in the print is artistic - perfect for the art of dance!


Ballet Rosa floral print leotard

We 💗 this because...

It’s so oriental! It makes us think of beautifully dressed traditional Chinese women in their ornate costumes because of its bold blue colour, print, and  cut. It’s so dance chic! You can really dress to impress in this fashion leotard for dance and even outside of class.


3) Ballet Rosa Floral Print Tank Leotard

Ballet Rosa Floral Print leotard purpleTry the khaki or purple version of this leotard for £46.95 here


This patterned leotard will be nothing like you’ve seen before! We fell in love with this leo the first time we saw it and just had to bring it into our range for you to wear. The front of the leotard is relatively simple with the single rose printed on the right on top of the orange lattice base pattern. The whole of the back of the leo is taken over by the floral vintage inspired design. Even though it’s only a print, it makes the back of the leotard look beautifully ornate. A traditional looking glass is the centrepiece of the design with delicate roses surrounding it. This leo is stunning in either purple or khaki! 

Ballet Rosa floral print leotard print


We 💗 this because...

It’s such a glamorous, vintage look! Vintage is so in at the moment, and fashion of the past is definitely here to stay. This leo is is part of the Isabelle Ciaravola collection - a gorgeous ballerina who danced with the Paris Opera Ballet.


4) Ballet Rosa Boatneck Leotard

ballet Rosa boat neck leotardLove this boatneck leo? Get it here for £33.50


Look classy for dance in this clean and simple style. The elasticated boat neckline is so sophisticated and looks gorgeous on all dancers. Its smooth finish to the touch and the eyes is irresistible! The monochrome look is timeless and a subtle fashion statement. The irregular two-tone grey stripes are an easy way to get some fashion prints into your dance wardrobe without your look being too loud.

ballet Rosa boat neck leotard print zoom


We 💗 this because...

It’s a simple look that means you can get a little bit of fashion into dance everyday!


5) Bloch Cadence Cross Back Leotard

 Bloch cross back leotardAdd this leotard to your collection for £36.95 by clicking here


Tropical print is so in fashion right now! This leotard lets you get a little bit of tropical colour and style into your dancewear without being overwhelming. The front of the leotard features a monochrome leaf pattern with colourful pink, orange and purple flowers cascading from the right all the way across the body. The bold flowers travel to the rear of the leotard for a tropical print that’s always visible whilst you dance. It’s such a vibrant and exciting print that really lets you express some love of colour, and we think Bloch has totally nailed the balance here of colour to black and white.

Bloch floral reversible print

We 💗 this because...

It’s reversible! You can wear the patterned side of this leotard for ballet and contemporary, then switch to the black version for a more traditional look when needed. Your teacher is sure to love it too!


Can’t pick a favourite? Click on each product name to shop them all again!

Bloch Cross Back

Ballet Rosa Floral Print 

Ballet Rosa Boatneck

Ballet Rosa Keyhole Leo

So Danca Mesh Waist Leaf

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