An Interview with Brendon Hansford: Choreographer & Director

An Interview with Brendon Hansford: Choreographer & Director

By Move Dance on 16th May 2018

An Interview with Brendon Hansford: Choreographer & Director

Brendon Hansford is an energetic choreographer and director currently based in London (affiliated with Love Rudeye Agency). He’s worked on exciting projects for huge businesses like the BBC, Les Mills & Virgin Media at V festival. Originally from Dorset, he has an interesting story to tell that’s now propelling his work to inspire dancers internationally to reach their full professional potential. So, we got in touch with Brendon to find out more about him in anticipation for the launch of his new vlog documentary film “Building A Dancer”. Keep reading to learn more…

                               Brendon Hansford's choreography and dancing to "Fetish" by Selina Gomez

Q: Where are you from?

I’m based in London now and have travelled all over the world to choreograph routines, although I’m originally from Dorset.

Q: What’s something people may not know about you?

I suffered from ME when I was younger. It didn’t have a name back then. I say it was both the best and worst thing to happen to me! I had physical therapy and built up strength doing an incremental cycling routine, so like increasing it by a few minutes each week and over time my strength improved massively. Growing up with any kind of difficulty in life certainly teaches you strong work ethic and resilience. It taught me not to give up and to set realistic goals, so that’s why it’s both the best and worst thing to happen to me!

Q: How did you get into choreography?

I actually joined the dance industry comparatively late – I was studying fashion at the London College age 16/17 before realising it wasn’t my true calling. But I didn’t actually start dancing until I was 18. I then went to what’s now known as Trinity Laban when it had just opened in Greenwich. Following that I had my own dance school - I even went on Got To Dance with one of my students. We did really well but didn’t win! It was probably around then that I decided choreography was what I loved the most. I always say I’ve never been a natural dancer, but funnily enough I actually won an MJ dance competition on holiday when I was about 10 – he was my favourite dancer! Anyway, creating show pieces was just something I’ve always done and I find it much easier to maintain my body as a choreographer as well.

Q: Where do you teach?

I teach and dance my own choreography at Pineapple dance studios in London. It’s street/commercial that I teach. I’ve just started doing Saturday beginner classes and they’re so overwhelmingly popular! It’s packed with 8-year olds to 40-year olds! There aren’t many beginner commercial classes around so it’s a unique opportunity.

Q: What’s your favourite dance style?

Hip-hop is my favourite to dance! I moved away from contemporary ballet when I was younger and feel much more at home with locking and popping, house and old school/new school styles.

Q: What type of dancing do you do now?

I cast myself as a commercial choreographer because it keeps me versatile and open to doing really different routines, from a more urban one to a more girlie one!

                                               Check out Brendon's tutorial to see him in action

Q: Who were/are your mentors?

Stuart Bishop definitely. He’s great at telling me when I’m being an idiot aside from his vast experience in the dance industry.

Q: How did you meet your mentor?

I met Stuart about 5 years ago. It was after I’d been doing a year-long contemporary contract during which I injured my shoulder from repeated lifts everyday. I kind of thought of it as my body’s way of telling me to stop. I went on a life coaching weekend course afterwards which kickstarted my positive journey, meeting loads of my lifelong friends there actually. I had a renewed passion for the dance industry after that and emailed every agent I could. Stuart met me for a beer and gave me a list of tasks to complete to help with my career. I was still injured so I completed the list within about a week to Stuart’s surprise! And the rest is history, we’ve been friends ever since.

Q: How do you relax?

I actually love to meditate. It’s something I picked up at that motivational personal development course that’s stayed with me. Life is crazy busy so whenever I can, I use a meditation app to chill alongside listening to audiobooks when I’m on the move. Meditation really helps when life gets particularly stressful.

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Want to learn more about Brendon Hansford and the dance industry? We have another exclusive interview coming soon with Brendon about his new vlog documentary film “Building A Dancer” premiering on Amazon, Google Play and iTunes on 8th June. Check back next week to be first to find out!