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Better site, better shopping, better dancing

Welcome to our new site!


We’ve been supplying and designing gorgeous dancewear for over 10 years now (we’re just into our 11th year!). Dynamism is a value close to our brand’s heart and our website is living up to this philosophy of ever-changing to meet the needs of our dancers in its site-wide facelift. We decided to evolve our website to enable the most important people to our dancewear business (you - our dancers!) to have a better shopping experience. That means easier navigation around the site so you can get your favourite dancewear items in your shopping bag quickly.


What’s Changed?

We’ve collated our categories to be more concise to allow you to get to the things you want quicker. We’ve gone from the following which you’re familiar with:


To this:


Let’s do a pretend shopping trip together. Looking to build an entire dance outfit in a few clicks? OK, that’s easy! Just go to the dancewear tab on the navigation bar and pick what you’re after, then visit the dance shoes tab right next door to complete your look!


Next, is your little gymnast metallics mad? Go straight to the “Metallic Leotards” collection to see some fantastic leos that we’ve grouped together so it’s easier for you to choose! Well… we say easier, but you’re going to be spoilt for choice when you visit any of our collections sections. These sections live within each navigation category (like costumes) and will be refreshed with new looks every so often to give you a little surprise the next time you come to shop with us.


Perhaps you’re looking for a little inspiration for dance and unsure where else to go. We’ve put some handy links to the blog for some inspo whilst you’re shopping in each category, so look out for them on the right hand side. If you’re loving what you’re reading, go to the homepage and scroll down to view the dance lifestyle feed where we’ve highlighted some blog posts that we think you’ll love. You can find some tips from our Move Dance model Alison Eager on what’s great to eat as a dancer, along with some other how-to’s and dance interviews. You’ll have to visit the dance lifestyle section to find out for yourself what other in-the-know dance gems are waiting for you!


There are tonnes of new changes you’ll find to our website, so get exploring to find out what’s evolved. We hope you love it!


The first 250 people who place an order on the new site get 15% off, so hurry to check it out now!

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16 Apr 2018
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