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All dancers know the importance of warming up before dancing, but what you wear also contributes to the quality of your warm up. Grishko’s Heat Retention wear allows you to maintain body temperature thanks to the sauna effect - the fabric of the new dancewear isolates the heat from the body meaning it takes less time for you to warm up. 


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The new range combines both fashion and functionality for your warm up, the thermal insulation technology traps in heat to quickly warm your muscles. Another advantage of the Grishko Heat Retention wear is the heat kept within allows you to stimulate weight loss faster.


Grishko Heat Retention Warm Up Suit 


This warm up suit consists of 100% thermal isolation technology, which as the title suggests, keeps you warm. The camisole straps allow for full upper body flexibility and mobility whilst you complete your warm up routine. The adjustable drawstrings on the waistband, cuffs and top allow you to make the suit as tight as you need it to be and help trap in any heat that may escape when you move. The long style of the suit also helps lock any heat all the way down to your ankles and thanks to the bi-stretch fabric qualities you be able to move silently as you warm up without crunching fabric noise.


Grishko Heat Retention Warm Up Pants 


Grishko’s warm-up pants are perfect for styling over your leotard and keeping you warm and toasty. Designed with a metallic Grishko logo these pants are both stylish, practical and comfortable. The adjustable drawstring on the bottom of the leg allow you to wear the pants your way, whether that be full length or cropped. Like with the warm up suit, the pants are made with soft bi-stretch fabric meaning you can glide seamlessly over the floor without any rustling sounds.



Grishko Heat Retention Warm Up Shorts


Trying to target your quads and glutes? Grishko’s warm up shorts are ideal for trapping heat to warm up your upper legs and glutes quickly thanks to the 100% thermal isolation technology. The adjustable drawstring allows you to tighten the bottom of the shorts to ensure no heat escapes and the silent bi-stretch fabric allows you to move with ease. 



Grishko Mens Heat Retention Warm Up Suit


This stylish warm up suit for men is ideal warm up wear thanks to the 100% thermal insulation technology to warm your muscles quickly. The camisole straps allow for full arm flexibility and upper body mobility. The suit features a metallic Grishko logo and odour control in the fabric allows you to keep feeling fresh while you warm up. 



Grishko Mens Heat Retention Warm Up Pants 


The adjustable drawstrings give these warm up pants a multipurpose fit allowing you to style them as full length pants or cropped. The pants 100% thermal isolation properties retain the heat your body generates as you warm up. The bi-stretch fabric is one of the main qualities of this whole range, allowing you to dance in silence without any rustling noise from the material.


Why fall in love with the new Grishko Heat Retention range?




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The new Grishko Heat Retention range really is going to step up the game when it comes to your warm-up. Not only will your muscles warm up quicker than usual but the heat produced will be retained. This stylish yet practical range features a metallic Grishko logo to add some flare and the bi-strech fabric that each piece is made with allows you to warm up and rehearse without any rustling noise.


Enjoy your warmest warm up ever!

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