Shipping to the EU


  • How will Brexit affect my shopping journey on Move Dance?

Have no fear! We are working hard to ensure your Move Dance shopping journey remains quick and simple. Any order shipped from the UK will not be affected, and the prices you see on our website will be exactly what you pay. With no extra customer charges!


  • Will my delivery take longer to reach me?

We have been working alongside our delivery carriers to put a number of measures in place that will ensure orders dispatched from the UK are delivered to you as quickly as possible. Many online businesses have been experiencing an unprecedented level of online orders at present due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has resulted in our delivery carriers experiencing some unavoidable delays. We are working hard to ensure your deliveries reach you as quickly as possible. To see estimated delivery timescales for your Country, please click here.


  • Will I have to pay any additional customs or tax charges?

No. Whilst there will be changes to customs charges for items shipped from the UK to the EU from 1st January, you will not incur any additional charges. 


  • Will I have to pay any charges upon delivery of my items?

No, there’s no need to worry about extra delivery charges. Please be assured that you will not incur any additional charges upon receiving your delivery.


  • Will there be any changes to how I return items?

There will be some temporary changes to how you are able to return items in January 2021, but we are working hard to ensure this process is as easy and efficient as possible. In the meantime, we will be extending the returns period to 2 months from your order date, to make up for the change in returns policy. To find out more information on our temporary returns policy, please click here.


  • Will there be additional charges for larger teacher orders?

Unfortunately, any orders placed over approximately 180€ may incur an additional delivery and handling fee. This charge can be avoided by separating your required items into smaller orders below 180€, as these will incur lower delivery and handling charges.