What To Pack For A Summer Dance Intensive

What To Pack For A Summer Dance Intensive

By Move Dance on 10th Jul 2023

Packing the right thing for your dance intensive is essential for a successful and enjoyable week. Back to back classes and being on your feet all day can be hard if you're not used to it or had some time off. Thats why it's so important to pack the right kit to make sure you can enjoy your week worry free!


Remember to use your program’s requirements as a reference to ensure you’re prepared for each day’s lessons. Items may include dancewear that aligns with the program’s dress code, extra tights, dance warm-ups.

Short sleeve leotards are the perfect summer style for hot days in the studio, try and avoid long sleeve or darker leotards. A light coloured, short sleeved leotard is ideal to keep your body temperature down so you can perform at your best! We would recommend the Move Dance Etta Camisole Leotard, it has a lovely soft recycled material with a low back and thin straps, the perfect summer leotard.

Convertible ballet tights are perfect for rolling up during your ballet class if you get too hot, of course depending on the uniform regulations! Our Move Dance Convertible Ballet tights are super soft and great for rolling up/down to adjust to how you feel.

No dance outfit is complete without a skirt to match! To keep it cool we recommend a shorter style, try and avoid any knit material, a mesh skirt is perfect to keep cool whilst still looking classical and cute.

Our top pick for the summer is the Move Dance Eliana Mock Wrap Skirt, light, airy and perfectly matched with the Etta leotard.

Of course you don't want to be wearing knitted leg warmers or warm up suits. But it is still essential to keep your body warm whilst warming up and cooling down to avoid injury. Avoid knitted warm ups and lean more towards a lighter jersey material instead. The Move Dance Desire Jersey Pant are great for warming up in Summer. The baggy style allows for comfort and the tie waist and cuffed ankle gives a flattering shape.


Daily dance bag

It is so important to keep your dance bag stocked up with all the essentials you might need throughout the day. Always pack extra dance wear, your warm ups, plenty of snacks and water, and a sweat towel.

In case of any hair disasters make sure you have spare bun nets and pins. The Tendu Super Hair Pins and Tendu Heavyweight Bun Net  are life savers to fix any unplanned bun net snaps!


The Move Dance Woven Tote Bag is the perfect dance bag for a summer intensive, you can fill it with all the perfect accessories to match including the Move Dance Water Bottle so you can stay super hydrated in the heat. 


Finally the Tendu Dancers Sewing kit is perfect for any emergency ribbon snaps!



You want to have the best time possible without any worries so make sure you have all your medications/prescriptions. If you're going for a longer period of time and worried about being away from home,something that will bring you comfort like a picture of family or a teddy is alway nice to bring. Of course you won't be dancing the whole time, so don't forget to bring your fave outfits for your downtime and social activities!

Hopefully we haven't left anything out! Check out our reel on our Instagram @movedancewear and let us know in the comments what you will be packing!

Move Dance Team xx