What Dance Tights Do I Need?

What Dance Tights Do I Need?

By Move Dance on 29th Nov 2023

If you do ballroom or ballet, tights are a staple in every dancer’s closet. Did you know that there are different types of dancing tights and that some are more suitable for you than others? In this post,we will guide you through what you need to know about the different types of tights you can choose from. From fish nets to convertible we have it all!

My first pair of dance tights

For those baby ballerinas out there our high stretch, soft to touch, our microfibre Move Dance Footed Ballet Tights are perfect for those little sensitive dancing toes. The ideal dance tights to get to start your dance journey with.


Tights for class

If you do many classes in a day and have lots of changes then our Move Dance Convertible Ballet Tights are the ones for you. They make changing from jazz to ballet back to jazz easy, quick and practical!! Convertible tights are perfect for when you need to quickly pop your pointe shoes on in class and want to keep your toe pads hidden for those ballerinas out there.


Tights for shows

In a performance with lots of changes and dance genres? You need to get your hands on a pair of our Move Dance Stirrup Tights, every dancers show wardrobe essential. Stirrups let you dance barefoot as the tights only cover the entire leg and then end in a sling to secure the arch of the foot while still leaving the rest of the foot bare.


Theres plenty more where that came from! Shop our wide range of high quality dance tights here. Happy dancing!

The Move Dance Team xx