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Middle Splits Stretches For Dancers

By Gwendolen on 24th May 2024

Hello, lovely readers of Move Dance! Gwendolen here. I’m a ballet dancer, choreographer, and flexibility coach, and I’m excited to be sharing with you my top 10 stretches for middle splits that focus on the adductor muscles! 

Middle splits are a flexibility goal for many of us, not just dancers. With the right training, guidance, and commitment, anyone can improve their hip flexibility and mobility, achieving amazing results by stretching correctly and safely. I will show you the best dynamic and passive stretches for middle splits with a mix of strengthening while stretching. It is so important to build a mix of strengthening into your flexibility routines. Aim to do this routine 3-5 times per week when you are warm after class or a workout. You can stretch in style in Move Dance's stunning range of dance leotards and dance shoes!

So here we go, follow along with my favourite middle splits stretches:

1.Fondu Hip Opener

Put 1 leg up on the barre, chair or wall in a turned out 2nd position. Now fondu (bend) the supporting leg to deepen the stretch, dropping your hips low. I like to use my hands for stabilisation and encourage opening across the front of my pelvis. This is a deep stretch so do this near the end of your stretching routine. Hold 45 seconds each side

2.Froggie-Split Slides

Begin on all fours, 1 knee on a block. Slide the extended leg out to a half split and back in again by engaging your inside thigh muscles. Feel a magnetising of your legs underneath you to pull your hips back up to all fours. Go slowly and mindfully. Repeat 10-12 reps each side

3.Pigeon with Block

Drop into your regular pigeon but add a yoga block under your front foot for a deeper stretch. Hold for 1 minute each side

4.Diamond Froggie 

Start on all fours, slide knees wide apart, and slowly drop your hips towards the ground. This is like being in a deep plié. Aim to keep your hips close to the line of your knees. As you get more flexible you will be able to drop further down. Hold this position for 1-2 minutes to deeply stretch the inner thighs and rotators

5.Froggie with Block(s)

Slide into your square froggie as far as you can go, holding the position and breathing deeply. Place as many blocks as you like under one knee and hold this stretch for 1-2 minutes. Repeat on the other side

6.Half Split Slides

Begin kneeling with one leg extended in turnout. Using your strength and stability slide the extended leg away as though lowering into a half split. Engage your inner thighs and pull yourself back upright. This dynamic and active stretch improves flexibility but focuses on strengthening the adductors. Focus on keeping your foot flexed and both foot and knee pointing upwards. Repeat on both sides as many reps as possible before fatiguing or compromising on technique

7.Froggie-Split Twist

This movement helps prepare your hips for deeper stretches whilst mobilising the spine. Hold 30 seconds each side

8.Side Extension Toe Taps

Hold onto your extended leg and lift it up to a kneeling side plank with your leg in 2nd. Repeat 10 reps each side

9.Butterfly with Block

Sit tall, bring the soles of your feet together on a block, and gently press your knees down with your elbows as you hinge forward. This over stretch targets the adductors and opens the hips. Some of you may feel it also stretching the outer hip/top of the glutes. Hold for 1 minute

10.Side Lunge

Begin kneeling, one leg turned out to the side, keeping the hips square. Drop your hips into a lunge then push back up to starting. Repeat 10 reps before moving into a 30 second hold each side. This dynamic stretch warms up the adductors and builds strength

Thank you so much for reading my top 10 stretches for middle splits. I hope you have fun with this flexibility routine, and these stretches inspire you to work on your middle split.

I’d love to see your progress! Share your flexibility journey with me on Instagram @gwendolennelson. Train with me at

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Happy stretching!