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On Sunday 30th March I went to the RAD Scholarship audition, which was at the Northern Ballet School in Leeds for a weekend of ballet workshop, and included a little performance at the end. The class included an advanced ballet class which was watched by an adjudicator who chose a winner for the younger and older class, and also an overall winner for the whole day. As the classes were split into grades, I was in the older audition for Grade 5 to Intermediate.

In my audition we started with a couple of fun bonding exercises to relax a bit as everyone was so tense and nervous! We started off with easy warm-up exercises like plies and toundes, and as the class continued the exercises became more advanced and used harder sequences and timing. Towards the end of the class we did some corner sequenced where we could really show off what we could do. I enjoyed the second section of the class more as it was really important to listen carefully as the sequences started to develop into higher grade levels.

As we all sat down to listen to the results at the end of the class, we all received a certificate of attendance, and then they read out the results. They read out 2 half scholarships and a full scholarship winner - which was me! And I also won the overall whole day category which I was really pleased about! I received the full scholarship, a ballet statue to keep, pictures on the RAD website, and my name will be on a shield. Overall I really enjoyed the day and it was a great experience.



We'd like to say a MASSIVE congratulations to Jolie, who has also been shortlisted for The Janet Cram Awards this weekend! Good Luck!