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Grishko’s Floral Mesh Contrast Leotard


Grishko Contrast Leotard

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On a scale of 1-10, how much do you need this leotard in your wardrobe? For us it’s a strong 11. Let us tell you why…


This leotard belongs to the gorgeous Grishko Bolshoi ‘18 collection, which means it was up against some other first-class leotards for our Leotard of the Month spot this time. The collection features elegant leotards that are designed to be striking in structure from the first glance, then holding the gaze with irresistibly indulgent dainty features like the floral flocked mesh. This leotard stands out for us from the Bolshoi ‘18 range because it’s a little different from the rest in the collection, and it’s different from the rest of the leotards that we sell in general! So, if you’re looking to be unique, then this is the look for you.


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The Floral Mesh Contrast leotard is the perfect fusion of fashion and fitness! Smooth performance fabric combines with floral flock mesh to keep you looking your best whilst you workout in class. Because it’s fashion and fitness, it’s versatile so you can wear it to different styles of dance classes whilst owning that.athletic elegance.


Grishko pink contrast leotard
Grishko blue contrast leotard
Amaris looks beautiful in the pink Grishko Floral Mesh Contrast leotard 
Choose either the blue or pink for £37.60


Which colour combo will you choose - black and pink or black and blue? We love the pink version for a vibrant and modern take on a classic ballet colour, but of course the blue one is a close-favourite for its subtle hue. The wrap-around colour bands are really what drew our attention to this leotard! We’re so happily satisfied by how the coloured panels are flipped and mirrored reversely on the back of the leo. You’ll have to show off this effect yourself when you buy your own of Leotard of the Month November by doing a pirouette in the mirror!


It’s time for the big finale because we’ve saved the best feature ‘til last! We’re obsessed with the floral flock mesh that Grishko have used in this design and across the Bolshoi collection. You can see in this zoomed photo that the mesh pattern is beautifully botanical to give a touch of the real to this leotard. The dainty daisy pattern coupled with the sporty coloured panels will match your dancing because you’ll impress with such effortless finesse in ballet whilst achieving the most intense and physically demanding moves!

Grishko contrast leotard floral flock mesh


Other favourite features in this leotard like the keyhole cutout on the back really make this a must-have to add to your collection! The Bolshoi ‘18 collection is really popular with our dancers, so don’t delay to get yours!

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Bonus Q:

What is Flock Mesh?

A flocked pattern is raised on the fabric to create a velvetine feel. It’ll be smooth against your skin but add texture and intrigue to the look of the leotard.

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