​International Dance Day - Top 5 Tips For Getting Back In The Studio

​International Dance Day - Top 5 Tips For Getting Back In The Studio

By Move Dance on 28th Apr 2023

To celebrate International Dance Day this year we are focusing on and celebrating dancers who are getting back to the studio after a while. For an ex-dancer getting back into dance after a while can be HARD, it can often feel nerve racking, daunting and a bit overwhelming. Not to worry, we have put together some advice that will hopefully give you the boost you need to get over those anxieties and get back into the studio!

Pace yourself

Choosing the right class for you is super important, your body might not be ready to go straight into an advanced pointe class straight away and that's ok! Easing yourself slowly is the best way to do it, your body needs time to regain the strength and technique you might have lost.

Be kind to your mind

Don't beat yourself up! Be proud of yourself that you have built up the courage to go. It’s completely normal to experience feelings of sadness, frustration, and anxiety as you return to dance classes. Yes, you might not be as good as you were when you were training every day but that's ok. Try not to judge yourself for any negative thoughts that enter your mind, acknowledge your strengths and focus on those instead!

Bring a friend

Bring a dance buddy! New situations feel scarier when we are alone. If you have a friend who’s willing to try a class with you, take advantage of that. Or you could even make new friends whilst you're there, being comfortable and knowing who is at the class will make you feel more at ease, allowing you to relax and have fun!

Listen to your body

As we know dance can be very physically demanding, the last thing you want to do is injure yourself. If your body is feeling tired, give yourself a break. Rest days are so important, make sure you give enough time in between classes to let your body recover.

Just go for it

The hardest part is getting there, once you are there it's like you never left!

We hope this will help you take the step and get back into dance. Remember you dance because you enjoy it! Check out our Instagram and TikTok @movedancewear to see how ex-dancer Saskia got on when she took the leap and went back to the studio!

Happy International Dance Day!

Move Dance