How to Slow Dance -Slow Dance Steps for Wedding | Move Dance

How to Slow Dance -Slow Dance Steps for Wedding | Move Dance

By Move Dance on 4th Jun 2024

How to Slow Dance

Slow Dance Steps for Wedding

Learn how to slow dance for a wedding with Move Dance. The countdown is on to your special day but you’re dreading that first dance, how do you stand and how do you move? We’re here to help answer all your questions and put you at ease with a step-by-step guide on how to slow dance for a wedding. Keep reading and follow the easy steps to feel confident slow dancing. 

Find Your Positioning

The first step in learning how to slow dance at your wedding is finding the correct positioning for you and your partner. In a slow dance, the male traditionally takes the lead, standing facing each other, place the right hand on the partner's waist. The opposite partner should take their left hand onto the partner’s shoulder. The second hand should then be holding each others at a comfortable height.

Feel The Rhythm

Play the song you will be dancing to at your wedding and listen to it carefully. Feel the rhythm of the song and start to sway gently from side to side. Finding your rhythm is key in learning how to slow dance.

Basic Steps

Now you’ve mastered the position and rhythm it’s time to wow guests with some steps for your slow dance at your wedding. We will start with the basics, the lead partner should step forward with their left foot while the partner steps back with their left foot. Next, the lead steps to the right with their right foot and the partner goes to the left with their left foot. Now, to finish the step the lead brings in the left foot to meet the right and the partner brings the left foot together with the right foot. Continue this pattern, following the rhythm of the music. Three basic steps to find your flow at slow dancing. 

Next Steps

Once you feel confident with the basic steps of slow dancing you can start to add more complicated movements in such as a slow turn. The lead partner should add slight pressure on the partner's waist to initiate the turn and move the holding hand to help turn. These small elegant movements are the perfect steps for your wedding slow dance.

Eyes on your partner

Your first slow dance at your wedding is an intimate and meaningful experience so we recommend maintaining eye contact with your partner throughout the dance. Finally, make sure to smile and laugh with your partner as you slow dance, this is a celebration of you coming together in harmony after all!

The Final Bow

The final step in learning how to slow dance; as the music starts to fade away you can finish your wedding slow dance with a pose such as an embrace or come to a gentle stop.

Follow the simple steps above of how to achieve a lovely slow dance at your wedding. Need an outfit for practice? Find  dancewear and dance shoes at Move Dance.