​Dance tips: returning to dance after a break

​Dance tips: returning to dance after a break

By Move Dance on 12th Jan 2024

Returning to dance after a long break can be daunting and overwhelming, for many dancers it can cause feelings of anxiety, stress and worry. That's why we have put together a few tips that might make you feel a little calmer and confident going into the new term.

Take it slow

Try and take it easy for the first couple of weeks, focus on gently increasing your flexibility, strength and fitness. You will probably want to step into the studio and dive in head first, however going too full out at the beginning can lead to injury and set you back even longer.

Mentally prepare

Many dancers struggle to maintain a positive mindset, especially when it comes to themselves. Remember not to be too hard on yourself, your body deserves to recharge and rest, now it has the energy again to get back into training.

Set a goal

Setting small goals when you return to dance is a really good motivator and an excellent way to measure your progress.

Examples of small dance related goals could be:

Perfect your triple pirouettes by the end of the month

Stretch for ten minutes before bed

Do three Pilates abdominal exercises before morning class

Start at home

Dancing from home can be a great start when you want to get back to dance after time off. If you practise the class you are most nervous for in an environment where you feel comfortable, it won't feel as daunting when you return to that class in real life.

Be kind to yourself

Remember self care is so important, you need to look after your mind and body. Your body will definitely feel sore in the first couple of weeks, things like hot baths and massage rollers need to be your new best friend. Be kind to yourself, it's ok if you are not at the same level you were before the break. That's what class is for!

Returning to dance can be intimidating but remember you dance because you love it! Welcome back to the studio and here's to 2024! 

The Move Dance Team xx