Bethany Kingsley Garner Warm Up Routine

Bethany Kingsley Garner's Go To Warm Up routine

By The Move Dance Team X Bethany Kingsley Garner on 24th Jan 2024

Happy new year dancers! Now we are all guilty of skipping or cutting corners in our warm up, so let's make 2024 the year we nail that warm up routine. Principal dancer Bethany Kingsley Garner has given us and insight to up her go to warm up routine, take a look!

Hamstring release

Using your breath, stretch forward and release your hamstring, for a deeper stretch cross your arms above your head.

Hip opening

Start to get the blood flow going with a dynamic hip opening,

Make sure it feels comfortable for you by taking it to a different level to find your height.

Tendu Plie

Massaging your feet, and waking up your toes with a side tendu moving into a plie, preparing your body for continued movement and finding you stability.


Take to the barre and engage you ballet posture,

Lifting up the arches and calves in your own speed.

Body circles

Massaging out any little tight parts and connecting your breath with the movement,

This movement will make you feel expansive and confident to take to the barre.

Watch the video to see Bethany Kingsley Garners warm up routine.


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We hope you will give Bethany Kingsley Garner warm up routine a go! Maybe even set your self a late New Years resolutiin to implement it into your own pre class warm up routine! 

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See you soon! 

The Move Dance Team X Bethany Kingsley Garner