Behind our new Move Dance Pro Ballet Shoes

Behind our new Move Dance Pro Ballet Shoes

By Move Dance on 25th Jan 2019

Our new Move Dance Pro/Light Pro ballet shoes launched in Summer last year and they’ve been so popular that we’re wondering if there’s a place on Earth that our shoes haven’t yet made it to! Have you tried them yet? Whether you have or haven’t (you’re seriously missing out if it’s the latter), this blog post is for you! We’ve sat down with the Move Dance masterminds behind the production of our new ballet shoes to get the insider goss on what went down during the making of them.

Watch this video first to see our shoes in action:

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How Long Were Move Dance Pro Ballet Shoes Tested for?

When we create any new product at Move Dance, an extensive trial and testing period with as many dancers as possible is always undertaken before our new item of dancewear can reach your door. Our new ballet shoes were tested by Northern Ballet School students over a period of many months, putting their new shoes through their paces. The shoes were worn between 5-8 hours a day and 4-5 days a week by our dance students.

Who Tested Move Dance Pro Ballet Shoes?

We chose 5 random dancers from the Northern Ballet School who we haven’t worked with before to be the first dancers to wear our new Pro/Light Pro ballet shoes. We wanted a completely unbiased testing process and to try the shoes on fresh feet.

What did They Think?

Our dancer testers absolutely loved the shoes! They in particular loved the look of the shoe; the colour and the fit especially contributed to the love of the exterior. Creating a shoe that’s technically perfect - with elastics in just the right place and the most comfortable padding - was important to us, but so was ensuring a beautiful appearance of your feet when wearing our new shoes. The elasticised arches were adored by our dancers for how it enhanced the shape of their foot and also for their snug feel. They also loved how easily and comfortably they could move in our new shoes with just the right amount of slip and grip to dance the way they love.

How Satisfied were the Testers with the Overall Durability of the Shoes?

Our shoes scored a 5/5 by our dancers for how well they lasted, even when worn regularly and being battered by intense, sweaty routines. Our dancers tested the Light Pro ballet shoes as these are intended for dance students who want a lightweight feel whilst still being supported, so we recommend the Pro pair if you enjoy a thicker feel that works your foot more when pointing.

What Changes Did We Make?

After we collected feedback from our dancers we made some adjustments to our ballet shoes to perfect them. There is no limit to how many times we will complete cycles of feedback and adjustment processes before we finalise upon the best product for you.


We upgraded the elastics to a heavy duty type for a more secure fit to keep you worrisome free that the heel of your shoes will slip down if you dance too intensely.

Cushions Pads

We slightly altered the cushion pad positioning for the most comfortable and natural feel underfoot.


Our dancers’ fit evaluations were just shy of perfect, so we slightly amended our size chart to ensure that the fit of the shoes is suited to you ideally.

Doesn’t knowing how much time, love and care has gone into the making of your Move Dance Pro/Light Pro ballet shoes make you love them even more?

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