​Advice For Male Dancers

​Advice For Male Dancers

By Move Dance on 29th Sep 2023

When you think of a ballet dancer what comes to mind? For many it's a female ballerina wearing a pink tutu and satin pointe shoes. However in reality, dance requires artists of all genders,strong male dancers are in high demand, both within the UK and internationally. We spoke to one of our brand ambassador and Elmhurst graduate Will on his experiences on being a male in the dance world.


Did you always want to be a dancer, how did you first get into dance?

Since I was 6 starting dancing, my main inspiration was when I first saw Ballet Bourne Swan Lake, how high the dancers jumped and their strength really inspired me.

Growing up did you ever experience any bullying due to doing dance and the stigma there is around male dancers?

At first because the kids didn't quite understand, there was a bit of backlash and teasing as kids do. However, once you showed videos of what male dancers could do and they understood a bit more they were much more supportive. I am still friends with some of them to this day!

How did you handle this? What advice would you give to any younger male dancers experiencing this?

I think helping them understand by showing them photos/videos of what I was doing and what other male dance were doing really helped. 

Who are your main inspirations?

Jeffery Ciro, Carlos Asota, Julian mackay

What is it you love most about being a male in dance?

How much fun you can have with it! Whilst the perception of ballet can be quite cut throat and strict, It's nice that guys can teach each other tricks. I also love how you can express your emotions through dance.

Do you have any tips for parents with sons enrolled in dance classes?

My biggest tip is to have other interests outside of dance. It is so beneficial to have other hobbies to distract your mind etc.

Is there any more advice would you like to share with aspiring male dancers?

Something I would advise male dancers is to try and have fun in every class. Dance is a very difficult profession and sometimes it can be quite tedious. But I have found the best way to keep me wanting to push myself in the studio is to have fun in class. While we are in a studio to get better and to focus, I started because I was having fun, so I try not to lose that.


Take a look at Wills dancing adventures on Instagram @williamdavolls

The Move Dance Team xx