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Exam Essentials


Right now, there are countless dancers preparing for their dance exams. Are you one of them? Perhaps you're a nervous and excited parent shopping for those last exam essentials before the big day? We're here to make your dance mum and dance dad life easier with this quick checklist complete with handy shopping links so you can add those missing items to your shopping bag fast! You can mentally check these off or print yourself a copy! 


My Dance Exam Essentials Checklist

Let's start shopping! Click the image of the must-have product you need...



Got 99 bobbypins yet you can't find 1? Us too... Get some extra bobbypins by clicking here. You can also swap the leather ballet shoes for some breathable canvas split sole ballet shoes here. We hope we've made your dance exam prep a little easier with this list. Best of luck to all dancers taking their exams! 


*Feature image by Lucy Kim Madison




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