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A Guide to Buying Your Pair


Have you ever worn a pair of dance sneakers? If not, your dancing feet will definitely love you more after you’ve read our article on buying your dance sneakers. When shopping on our website for dance shoes, you may have come across the category “dance sneakers” and been shocked to discover a type of shoes for dance that’s totally new to you. Are you wondering how dance sneakers are different to normal trainers? Read on to find out how dance sneakers can help you in dance.

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Dance sneakers


What are Dance Sneakers?

Dance sneakers look like a hybrid of dance shoes and high street trainers, but they’re in fact incredibly technically enhanced to help you achieve your best performance in dance. They’re the most versatile type of shoe out there in the world of dance and, for that reason, are popular with dancers of all different dance backgrounds. Both amateurs and professional dancers should have a pair of dance sneakers to wear during practice and even for some kinds of performances! Most pairs comes with a type of sole fabric like rubber to give you that extra bit of support and cushioning. The most popular style is lace-up (rather than pull-on) because they provide greater stability, so you’ll be able to shop a wide variety of lace-ups with us!


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Who Wears Dance Sneakers?

Versatility is the number 1 characteristic of a dance sneaker which means that in particular jazz dancers, ballroom dancers, urban dancers, street dancers and people attending dance fitness classes all love wearing these shoes! You don’t have to just be a type of dancer who wears sneakers on stage to benefit from wearing a pair of these during your classes and rehearsals. Imagine a ballroom dancer who’s regularly dancing and competing in high heeled dance shoes - their feet are going to need a break! You might be surprised to picture a classically dressed ballroom dancer twirling around the dance floor in a pair of dance sneakers during practice, but remember the importance of looking after your feet! Dance sneakers come with the kind of cushioning that you just wouldn’t get when dancing barefoot or in a normal pair of trainers.

What are the Different Types of Dance Sneakers?

Dance sneakers come in different styles and colours but predominantly have the same shape with a sporty style. Dance sneakers allow you to spin with ease and still point your toes. Worried about damaging the dance floor? Choose a pair of non-marking dance sneakers. You might want to choose a pair that have higher ankle support if you’re doing lots of side-to-side dancing like when doing a rumba!


What are the Most Popular Brands of Dance Sneakers?

We stock dance sneakers by the most popular brands, which are Capezio, Bloch and Freed. The level of technical athleticism that goes into shoes by these brands is what sets them apart for others and makes them a trusted choice for you, our dancers!


Capezio Dance Sneakers

Capezio dance sneakers by us come in lace-up styles in that classic black colour that our dancers love. Their dance sneakers are a favourite for the athletic designs and breathable qualities. If you’re looking for a sneaker that will give you greater ankle support, then Capezio is definitely the brand for you! Try their standard dance sneaker or upgrade your ankle support to their Battleboot.

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Bloch Dance Sneakers

Most Bloch dance sneakers feature a TPU spin spot on the base of the shoe to make it easier for you to dance normally. Treat your feet to a dance sneaker by Bloch that comes with Dri-Lex lining to keep your feet dry. Some pairs by Bloch come with reinforced soles and shock absorption, so we recommend that you have a browse on our website to pick the pair that sounds the best for you.

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What are Jazz Dance Sneakers?

Jazz dance sneakers are a hybrid between your usual pair of soft jazz shoes and a harder pair of sneakers. Jazz sneakers popularly come in a low profile with a sock-like fit to enable your favourite jazz moves with just that little bit more support in the sole.

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What are Split Sole Dance Sneakers?

Split sole dance sneakers function just like any other pair of split sole dance shoes that you’ve ever worn. A split sole means that the base of the shoe has a break in the outer fabric across the arches to allow for a greater range of motion during dance. Full sole dance sneakers and dance shoes are perfect for helping you to build strength in your feet as you start out at dance class, but split soles will be the shoe type which you progress onto as you advance.


Key Features to Look for When Buying Dance Sneakers

Any pair of dance shoes should protect your feet from damage and blisters whilst still keeping each foot aerated. You’ll have your own preference for what you like in a pair of dance shoes, but these key points are what we look for in a pair of dance sneakers.

  • Breathable
  • Arch support
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable

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