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We asked a few of our favourite ladies what their dance essentials are. Here's what Nicolette's hiding in her bag...


  • Water - it is important to stay well hydrated when dancing and this applies when doing any form of exercise.
  • iPod - apart from needing my iPod for the obvious; classes, rehearsals and work,  music is my inspiration so my Classic goes everywhere with me!
  • Deep heat - most of the time I don't always need this but its crucial for those times when you do! I think its good to be prepared incase your feeling sore after class and it's a good pain reliever for any pulled muscles. I love the spray version as its quick and easy to use.
  • Food- if I'm lacking in energy, a pick me up snack is always good to have on hand.  Some of my favourites are nuts, cereal bars, snackajacks or a banana . Without fail you will always find me in the corner munching away during a long rehearsal.
  • Deodorant - simply to stay fresh!
  • Surgical Tape-  I some how always end up with fresh burns and cuts particularly on my feet and knees and this happens more so with contemporary. I never want that to stop or hinder my performance in classes, rehearsals or work so tape is an essential for me.
  • Hair Tools- brush, bobble and grips. These are all useful to keep my hair looking good. I always keep a bobble and kirby grips in my bag so that I can take my hair out and off my face quickly and easily.
  • Notebook and pen-  to write down any notes, ideas, and choreography.
  • Change of t-shirt