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What’s in the dance bag?

An interview with our models Amaris Gillies and Alison Eager from the Northern Ballet School.


We’ve chatted with Amaris and Alison, third year ballet students, about their dance bag essentials, their dance tips, and what life is like as a third year. We’re giving you a literal insider on the contents of their bags so you can see what being a ballet student really looks like. If you love dance and want to learn some tips that will help you choose the best bag for you, then keep reading.


Meet the models

Model holding dance bag

Alison Eager with her Pineapple dance bag

Model with black dance bagAmaris with her black dance bag


The two girls started modelling for Move Dancewear in June 2017 after securing a place from one of our castings - this time it was at The Northern Ballet School.

Alison and Amaris sent us these photos between busy Christmas rehearsals and classes. As you can see, our models are naturally gorgeous, but it’s great for you to see them in their natural dance habitat outside of our photo studio.


How to choose a dance bag

We recommend that you choose separate bags for your general dancewear, and another bag for your (pointe) shoes. This means your dance gear will be stored and carried in the correct material of bag. In general, when choosing a bag you’ll need to consider:

  • Size
  • Comfort
  • Material
  • Style


How did Alison choose her dance bag?

Alison picked a large Pineapple dance bag because of its size, which she says is the “first thing” she looks at when choosing. You need to choose a bag big enough to fit in all of your essentials, but Alison points out that you need to make sure “that it’s not too big that it’s uncomfortable to carry around”. Comfort is one of our key factors to consider when choosing a dance bag, and Alison rightly points out that you need to consider the carrying straps or handles. For example Alison considers these points:

Do the straps prevent strain on the back and shoulders? Is the shape of the bag comfortable to carry?”

The functionalities and technicality required in a dance bag is not to be taken too lightly, but of course its style is an important factor when choosing.

We have new and trendy models of Pineapple dance bags if you want to get Alison’s look. See them here.


What’s in Alison’s dance bag?

White pineapple dance bagAlison's dance bag essentials

Whether you’re a  dance student like Alison, or simply a lover of dance who goes to the odd class, you’re always going to need some dance essentials. Some of these may include measures to prevent injury, or simply maintain your slick appearance throughout the class and day.  Alison has highlighted some of her bag essentials:

Water bottle

Warm up booties

Warm ups

“First aid kit”: tape, plasters, deep heat, rollers, therabands.

Small towel


Makeup bag

Hair accessories

Spare tights

Notebook & pens

As a dancer you’ll understand that you may need to swap between pairs of shoes during class and rehearsals. Alison needs to swap shoes between classes when doing different styles of dancing, or even within a class. For example, if you’re doing ballet you’ll want to carry some soft ballet slippers to warm up in, then bring your pointe shoes for pointe work. Therefore, Alison can carry multiple pairs of shoes around with her for jazz, ballet and stage dancing. When completing those style changes, Alison also has to switch from a bun to a ponytail for jazz and contemporary class, so you’ll definitely always need a hair kit!


What’s in Amaris’s dance bag?

When choosing her bag, Amaris looked for “something sturdy with lots of space”. That means that size was the first consideration when choosing. Amaris is like Alison and needs to carry her dance essentials around with her all day. That may mean multiple outfit, shoe, hair, and makeup changes, so she has to be ready! Amaris sent us a picture of what she tends to have in her bag on a normal day. Take a look:

 Open black dance bag with items inside

Amaris has taken some items out of her bag to show you what’s inside. We’ve listed all her contents for you:

  • 2 black leotards
  • 3 sports bras
  • Black tights
  • 2 pairs of pointe shoes
  • 2 pairs of flat shoes
  • Tap shoes
  • Jazz shoes
  • New Yorkers (stage shoes)
  • “First aid kit”: paracetamol, tiger balm,magnesium oil, theraband, muscle roller (orange ball).
  • Notepad & 2 pens
  • Hair accessories: bun nets and pins.
  • Small towel
  • Bodyspray

Open dance bag with character shoesThe contents of Amaris's dance bag

We asked Amaris what she thinks is a dance bag essential. Apart from her items listed above like tights, notepads, etc., tiger balm is her most essential dance bag item. Tiger balm is a herbal muscle rub to help relieve aches and pains after exercise. From the answers that Alison gave us above, plus Amaris favouriting tiger balm, it’s clear that products to help your body stretch and recover after dancing are the most valued items in a dance bag for a dancer.


 Tips reminders

  • Choose a bag that’s big but comfortable
  • Choose a material that suits the contents
  • Choose a style that you love
  • Don’t forget your first aid essentials!

Keep an eye on the blog for a second interview with Amaris and Alison about life as a third year ballet student. Thank you Alison and Amaris for giving us the insider goss!

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