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MOVE IT 2018

Move It London

Last Friday, our team travelled down to London for MOVE IT 2018. The Excel was overwhelmingly packed with stalls and dancers alike - it was hard not to be distracted by people breaking out popping in the aisles! There was the usual Main Stage showcasing the latest talent from UK dance colleges and dance celebs like Aston Merrygold, a Freestyle Stage inviting confident dancers up to show off their stuff, a Showcase Theatre Stage, an Acropad, and constant fitness classes with Move Fit like Boogie Bounce. The room was full of colleges and dance suppliers bustling for attention from budding dancers and new applicant hopefuls. Gorgeous glitter, crops and a whole load of makeup was the presiding sight this year - sounds like a dancer's dream, right?! 

We were astounded by the amount of dance talent in the room last Friday and couldn't resist in scouting a few new models - you may see their fresh new faces on the site in coming months. We stood in awe watching show after show on the Main Stage, wondering which dancers we'll see on our TV screens in coming years. 

Our marketing team went to dance classes with some specialists from the industry. We've got some footage of our marketing team funking out to Little Mix with London Studio Centre that we may release on a rainy day (if you're lucky)! We also got some insider tips from the leaders of the Acrobatic Dance course that we'll be releasing later in the year. For our younger dancers reading this who are working towards sitting their Dance GCSE, we've got some invaluable tips coming your way to help you succeed in your dance exam straight from McGregor's team. For now though, scroll down to see the summary of our day at Move It 2018. 



What Classes Did Move Dancewear do @ MOVE IT? 

  • Commercial Funk with LIPA
  • London Studio Centre Music Video Workshop
  • Contemporary Rock 
  • Choreographic Insight with Wayne McGregor
  • The Fundamentals of Acrobatic Dance 
  • Bridging the Gap Between Dance and Fitness
  • Audition Preparation Ballet Class with Read College
  • Performance Ballet with Urdang Academy

 Contemporary Rocj

Performance Ballet With Urdang

What Was The Essential Kit for the Day?

Move & Alegra shoes supported our marketing team through their energetic day of dance! Lace-up jazz shoes by Alegra & ballet shoes by Move were sported by the team. 


VIPs @ Move It

  • Acrobatic arts Winner at freestyle stage
  • Ballet Rosa
  • Ballet Pro
  • Basilica
  • Bloch
  • Bird College
  • Boogie Bounce
  • Capezio
  • Danceaid
  • Dansez
  • Dancebox
  • English National Ballet
  • Jelli Studios
  • Lukas McFarlane
  • Para Dance UK
  • Pineapple Dance Studio
  • RADFreestyle stage at Move It
  • Royal Ballet
  • Tap Attack
  • Tiffany Dance College
  • Urdang
  • Reps of Wayne McGregor


Things We Checked Out @ MOVE IT:

  • The Royal Caribbean Auditions 
  • Hawaiian Hula with London Hula 
  • The Acropad 
  • Boogie Bounce
  • TAPfit 
  • Freestyle Stage
  • Showcase Theatre

Performances We Saw on Friday @ MOVE IT Main Stage

Main Stage

  • Italia Conti 
  • KUDS
  • Northampton School for Boys
  • Shelagh Elliot Clarke
  • SLP College
  • The Brighton Academy of Performing Arts
  • Ilanga Gal Dem
  • Leicester College of Performing Arts
  • Studio 79
  • Northern School of Contemporary Dance 
  • Studio 68
  • Chloé & Maud Arnold
  • Urdang Academy
  • Wilkes Academy
  • Aston Merrygold with Base Dance Studios
  • Bird College
  • Kieran Lai
  • MADD College
  • Tiffany Theatre College
  • The Pack
  • Jelli Studios
  • Leeds City College
  • Spirit Young Dance Company
  • Addict Dance Academy
  • Caitlin Barnett Company
  • Face of MOVE IT Showcase

Dance jump at Move It

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