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So I’m moving on from the Move Dancewear family to go back to teaching dance. Having already secured some term time teaching with pre-school aged children I decided that I needed to get some adult classes back into my repertoire too. I wanted something that fitting me and my dance style, other exercise classes didn?t seem to suit until I found Jamie Thomson’s Ballestics. The class is modern ballet meets an aerobics dance workout. It is ballet moves (and a few more styles besides) set to pop and rock songs that you will recognise.

I love ballet but I have to admit that when I attend a new ballet class I?m always a little bit apprehensive, and I’ve been doing ballet since I was three! So I can totally understand that as an adult if you hadn’t been to a ballet class before but fancied trying it, the preconceptions of what a ballet class might be like could put you off. But Jamie and his Ballestics course is aiming to change people’s minds about ballet and its accessibility for everyone.

So… I signed myself up for a teacher training day with Ballestics.

We started off the day with Jamie running a normal Ballestics class. It was ace! Full of ballet moves, and other dance moves, fast paced, great music that got everyone really pumped up and an amazing workout!! Yes it was sweaty but it was totally great, I loved it.

From there we covered technique teaching points to make sure all participants are safe and using correct ballet technique and then finished the day with choreography for all the exercises.

I met all the teachers that qualified at the beginning of the year and they said that their class participants think Ballestics is great. The teachers really seemed to love teaching the classes too.

Ballestics is now in its second season and if you visit the website you can see which areas of the country Ballestics teachers currently cover. You can also check out some bitesize videos Jamie has created by visiting www.ballestics.com 

Now all I have to do is make sure I achieve my certificate and get a class full of participants to be my guinea pigs!

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