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They say that good things come in threes, and our Yearbook is no different. Yes, for the third year in a row we are bringing back the Move Yearbook, and we need you to help us fill it up with wonderful images from the world of dance.

In 2015, we launched our first Move Yearbook, giving our customers the chance to feature in our collection of photos celebrating what you love best: dance. We were overwhelmed with pictures showing just how passionate you are about dance, and in 2016, we published our second edition - now we want our 2017 edition to be the best ever.

We believe that dance is an international language, and with Move Dancewear now in over 110 countries, we want to see pictures of our passionate dancers from as many countries as possible!

Want some tips on what makes a good image? We love passion, and we want to see that enthusiasm in your picture - from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes, every inch of you should scream energy. We also love stories; let your picture tell us a story about who you are and why you dance. Maybe this can be done through your setting, or the way you’re dressed? We want to see pictures from your dance class, a performance or even you dancing in the streets!

We’ve already had our biggest response ever,  so we know that choosing our winner will be no easy task, but please keep on sending us your pictures or use the   hashtag #MoveYearbook2017 on social media to get noticed. 

We hope that you love taking these pictures as much as we like looking through them, so get out there and move!

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16 Apr 2018
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