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We have an exciting announcement for you... 
We now have more styles in your favourite colours! 
Have you got a particular favourite leotard style at Move Dance and just wish it was available in your colour crush? Well, now it could be! Burgundy has always been our personal favourite, but there are a few others that are a close second, which is why we've had to listen to you to uncover what you really want because we just couldn't narrow it down. We've now added more colour options to some of our most popular leotard styles, which means you might finally be able to wear that leo you love for class! Keep reading this news post to find out what styles are now coming in even more fabulous colours! 
MO L5146
BurgundyMulberryNavy blueLavendarBlackroyal blue
 Move Dance Lorette leotard
MO L5150
BurgundyNavy blueBlackroyal bluePurple
Move Dance April Leotard
MO L5148

BurgundyMulberryNavy blueLavendarBlackroyal bluePurple
Move Dance Bibi
MO L0146
BurgundyMulberryNavy blueBlackroyal blueWhite
Move Dance Lori Leotard
MO L0147
BurgundyMulberryGarnetNavy blueBlackroyal blueWhite
Move Dance Lexie Leotard
MO L0148
BurgundyMulberryNavy bluewhiteBlackpurpleroyal blue
Move Dance Loren Leotard - Purple
MO L0150 
BurgundywhiteNavy blueBlackroyal blue
Just for Kids'...
Move Dance Freya Leotard - Marine
BurgundyMulberryGarnetNavy blueLavendarBlackroyal blueMarineWhitePink

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