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Literally translating as “I can’t, I have dance”, Non Posso Ho Danza makes it clear from the beginning that it is no usual dancewear line. This Italian brand offers a fresh take on dancewear, understanding that for many it’s not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Its practical designs ooze high fashion, and yet remain simple enough to be easily incorporated into any stylish dancer’s wardrobe.

Stepping away from the more traditional dance styles, Non Posso Ho Danza focusses its attention on street dance, exuding an effortless cool from its slouchy shapes and casual designs. Their new collection offers all the ease of sportswear with all the trendiness of high fashion lines, creating an eclectic style that stands out from the dancewear crowd.

Non Posso Ho Danza’s collection of bold logo tops add a modern edge to everyday dancewear. The striking slogan on their Cropped Sweater and Logo Tee contrasts with the relaxed fit of these items to create a look that pushes boundaries while remaining casual. Anyone who dances will be familiar with how important a visual outlet can be, and Non Posso Ho Danza’s bold slogans allow this on another level. The loose style of this collection give the line an ease that that emulates cool, as well as a love of dance, which is once again confirmed by the more than appropriate translation of the brand’s name, which can also be found emblazoned on its collection of dance pants

The stand out Palazzo Cropped Dance Culottes are another example of Non Posso Ho Danza’s ability to combine practicality with poise. The loose fit and daring split leg design allow for freedom of movement with an elegant edge that represents the fresh and fashionable feel Non Posso Ho Danza’s brand conveys. Once again, Non Posso Ho Danza demonstrates its unique take on the traditional world of dance, adding its own twist that allows for this item to be appropriate for wear in the studio, on stage or even on the street.

Non Posso Ho Danza appears to find its inspiration from the past, and yet nothing about this fresh new brand feels tired or overdone. Its acknowledgment of a dancer’s need for comfort and style gives it a solid foundation from which to experiment, and these designs prove to be an experiment that pays off, a fusion of old and new that manifests in an innovative way. Their passion is palpable and their style like no other. Non Posso Ho Danza truly is an exciting new brand and one that we are delighted to add to our collection.

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