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Little Lucy McLoughlin is a very special talented young dancer that you'll have seen modelling on our website. Not only is she super cute and incredible at ballet (look at her perfect arches!), she's also amazing at singing. We chatted with Lucy to find out more about her and share this with you. Keep reading to see the interview and Lucy's favourite photos of herself. 

  1. How old are you and where are you from?

I'm 8 and I live in Manchester.

  1. Have you graded in any dance styles?

I've done my Grade 2 exams in Ballet, Tap & Modern. I got distinctions in all exams so I'm really proud of myself.  My teachers are now helping me with getting ready for my Grade 3 exams. I'm nervous but I know I can do it.

  1. What's your favourite dance style?

Well...I really love to dance so it's hard to pick just one. I went to MOVE IT a few weeks ago and tried commercial for the first time...I really liked it! I think my favourite has to be ballet. 

  1. What dance style are you focused on?

I do ballet most. I was chosen to be in 2 associate programmes this year, so I do the Elmhurst Young Dancers scheme and I'm also a Royal Ballet Junior Associate.

  1. Which dance school are you currently at?

I go toThe Danceworks Ballet & Theatre School in Eccles.  I learn all dance styles there and also have my singing lessons.  I really like it at Danceworks because my teachers always let us show off what they've taught us so our families can see how good we are. I really liked the show we did at The Lowry  this year. I absolutely loved performing on the stage with my family watching. I hope we do that again soon!

  1. What's your favourite dance move?

I love doing a tilt or a leap.  I’m really trying to make my pirouettes better at the moment, I also love those.

  1. Have you modelled before?

 No.  Modelling for Move was my first time. It's really fun for me to wear my favourite types of clothes, and I like getting to play with the props and become a character for the photoshoot. 

  1. Who's your dance idol?

I think Dame Darcey Bussell is so elegant and beautiful and I just love watching her dance.  I also love all the dancers on The Next Step and would love to be as good as them one day.

  1. Do you have a favourite dance routine or song to dance to?

Boogie Wonderland! I do a Modern routine to it. It's that song from Happy Feet. My routine is so fun! 

  1. What's your fave cheesy party dance?

It’s got to be The Floss or The Hype!

  1. What's your ideal dance job?

I've got so many dreams for when I am older.  I would love to be a prima ballerina for a ballet company that tours the world, or I would love to sing and dance on Broadway or the West End, or perhaps join the cast of The Next Step! I’m just going to keep working hard though and "chase my dreams" like mum says. 

Model Lucy dancing on stage in purple lyrical leotard dress
Little ballerina wearing tutu on stage
Little dancer Lucy tap dancing on stage
Model Lucy doing Modern performance on stage
Little model Lucy doing Modern dance front splits on stage
Young dancer wearing tutu on stage
Young dancers wearing uniform leotards at the barre
Little ballerinas pointing toes in mirror wearing pink

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