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Emma is one of our newest models at Move HQ. We've photographed her modelling lots of beautiful dancewear at Move Dance so you may have already seen her on our website! We've chatted with Emma to find out more about her to give you some insight into her dance background alongside seeing her modelling pics. Something you won't be able to tell on-camera about Emma is that she's amazing at kicks! We've got a little behind the scenes video coming out soon so you can see her dancing and modelling in action! Keep reading to find out more...


How old are you and where are you from?

I am 21 years old and from Lincolnshire.

Have you graded in any dance styles?

I have completed all of my modern grades and am in Advanced 1 ballet.

What's your favourite dance style?

I really enjoy jazz and musical theatre. I love dancing in the style of Bob Fosse, which can be seen in musicals such as Chicago and Cabaret.

What dance style are you focused on?

I am currently on the Jazz Focus course at NBS, which includes singing and acting. I always aspired to be a classical dancer growing up, but since starting at NBS my career goals have changed massively!

Which dance school are you currently at?

I am at Northern Ballet School and will be starting my third and final year in September 2018.

What's your ideal dance job?

I would love to work as a show girl! My goal is Moulin Rouge but I am also thinking about musical theatre as I love to sing.

What's your favourite dance move/pose?

I have a super long list! I recently learnt how to do a tilt, so that would have to be my current favourite!

Have you modelled before?

I have modelled for a few growing, local photographers but Move Dancewear is my first professional company I have worked with.

Who's your dance idol?

I don't really idolise anyone in particular. My old dance teacher would always call the seniors the 'Big Girls' and I would always look up to them and want to follow in their footsteps, especially those who have worked with big companies and in the West End.

Do you have a favourite dance routine or song to dance to?

I really enjoy dancing to lyrical music as it's an in between of classical and jazz styles. Whenever I choreograph for myself, I always end up with a lyrical song and I always try to choose something that hasn't been heard by lot's of people. 

What's an interesting fact about you? 

I really enjoy baking and trying new recipes. A popular one with my family are my gingerbread cupcakes that I bake every year for Christmas. 

What's your fave cheesy party dance?

My favourite would have to be Saturday Night, I love when it comes on at family receptions as everyone always knows the moves!


black high neck leotard

White leotard and black dance skirt

Ballerina modelling on photoshoot

Ballerina modelling on photoshoot

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