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When is International Dance Day 2019

This year, International Dance Day is on Monday 29th April 2019 and will be celebrated globally with a series of dance events. 

What is International Dance Day?

International Dance Day is an annual celebration that was created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) in 1982. The difference between International Dance Day (IDD) and World Ballet Day (WBD) is that we will celebrate all dance styles, not just balletic forms, even though the yearly date for IDD is on Jean-Georges Noverre’s birthday (who’s known as the creator as modern ballet). This is why we love International Dance Day, because it lets us recognise all Move Dance dancers that shop online with us for dancewear, whether you’re a professional hip hop dancer or go to Saturday afternoon ballroom classes. This means that irrespective of a dancer’s ability or background, International Dance Day encourages a love of dance and the positive feelings that come with expressing yourself through this art form. The message of IDD focuses on dance’s capacity to bring people together and engage together as a community through the language of dance, crossing all borders. That’s why International Dance Day isn’t simply just an event - it comes with an important message each year from a different dancer or choreographer, and it’s your mission as a dancer to circulate this message of positivity globally. This dance message is translated into many languages so it can be received by as many people as possible. Demonstrating the value of dance and spreading awareness to unenlightened people who haven’t yet experienced the joy of dance themselves is a goal of International Dance Day. Read the full message yourself on the IDD website

What’s Happening on International Dance Day?

There are many global celebrations that happen to mark International Dance Day and there is always one main event that’s organised by the International Theatre Institute (ITI) at a place chosen by them. Worldwide celebrations span all the way from North America, across Europe and right over to Australia. This year, Karima Mansour is the message author - a contemporary dancer from Egypt who trained in London then set up her own school called MAAT back home. Her biography is shared on the IDD website and is translated into many languages, along with her message. International Dance Day 2018 happened in Cuba at the Gran Teatro Alicia Alonso, a place rich in dance culture.  It was unique to last year’s anniversary that there were not 1, but 5 message authors - one from each of the UNESCO continents sharing words of positivity.

International Dance Day 2019 Message

Karim Mansour is this year’s message author. She’s a dancer, teacher and choreographer with an educational background in contemporary. Mansour’s message is about listening in order to let your body express itself in the way it chooses to really connect with your own personal truths and “lead to internal revolutions”. Our personal highlights from this year’s Dance Day message include:

  • “Movement is a language spoken by us all.”
  • “Listening without judgment, listening in silence and allowing the movement to pass through the body in the moment.”
  • “Dance is where culture is shared and borders fall into the space of inclusion and  unity, through the unspoken language of universality. “
  • “Movement and dance is where chaos can be created and re-organized, or not. “
  • “Dance is a healer. Dance is where humanity can meet. “

How Can You Celebrate International Dance Day?

Take note of the message of positivity that’s spread this International Dance Day to celebrate, even if you don’t think you’ll be able to dance. You can also celebrate International Dance Day by, of course, dancing! See if there are any classes or shows happening in your local area.

Want to Host Your own International Dance Day Event?

Anyone is welcome to host an International Dance Day celebration. People often choose to read out the IDD message before or after a show/gathering to really set the scene. Usually people like to mark the occasion with a Big Dance Performance, open dance class, awards ceremony, a dance festival or even free tickets to see a dance show. The International Theatre Institute (ITI) encourages you to communicate with a Committee member in your area to coordinate a celebration. If you contact them in time, it could even appear on the global map of events happening on International Dance Day.

I’m not a Dancer - can I Still Celebrate International Dance Day?

Have you ever tapped your foot to a song, felt the rhythm of a beat pulse through your body and sensed the urge to let your body just move and express itself? Well, then you’re a dancer! All of us are dancers so long as we appreciate the beauty of the art that is dance and respect it. You might think that just because you’re not a professional dancer or you never made it to those salsa classes you kept saying that you were going to attend that you’re not entitled to celebrate, but anyone is, even if you answered no to our questions. Everyone and anyone is invited to celebrate International Dance Day. Besides, it’s good exercise!

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