How To With BKG - Improve Your Arabesque

How To With BKG - Improve Your Arabesque

By Bethany Kingsley Garner on 6th Oct 2022

How To With Bethany Kingsley Garner: Improve Your Arabesque

 Hi, Move Dance! BKG here, so excited to be sharing a series of ‘How to’ blogs. They are inspired to get you motivated and to try new techniques that you can bring into your classical ballet class.

An arabesque is a position used so much in classical ballet that it is essential to master it.

It can be difficult to execute correctly as it demands strength from the lower half of your body and grace for your upper body.

For this blog, we will focus on the lower half.

To have freedom in your arabesque you need to find what works for you. It should be an active position but not feel tight or restricted.

The two exercises I have set will hopefully help you find your own unique and beautiful line.

The first is to build strength and support for your supporting leg, this is vital so you have the strength and power to be able to reach your full line while keeping the turnout and being able to promenade.

The second exercise is to find the range with turnout while using resistance, the leg will feel free once the resistance is taken away.

Exercise one

Start on your back with your hips pressed into the floor.

Engage your lower abdominals and start the curl up to a bridge position.

Your hamstrings should feel engaged right up to the glutes.

Keep your back long, you don’t want to crunch the lower back.

Keep lifted and find the breath in the bridge position.

Lower by turning down slowly through the back.

Repeat 8 times.

You could add this into your warmup routine before class.


Exercise two

You will need an exercise band.

Start by creating a loop to go around your ankle.

The ankle with the loop will be your lifting leg.

Stand in tendu derriere with the end of the band under your support foot, using the resistance from the band lift to a low arabesque making sure your hip placement is correct and you are lifting out of the lower back.

Pulse for 3, wrapping the turnout more each time,

Repeat 5 times.

You can lift your leg higher each time if it's comfortable and does not compensate for the placement.

I hope you have fun and most importantly stay inspired to dance and create beautiful art.

BKG ❤️

You can find Bethany on Instagram: @bethanykingsleygarner