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Bloch has been in the dancewear business for over eight decades, and yet still manages to be ahead of the pack when it comes to the latest in dance fashion. For their new season’s line, Bloch has combined its timelessly elegant style with edgy embellishments to create a collection that screams fashion in two unique looks. Both their Winter Frost and Magic Vine collections are decorated with distinctive styles that add a fashionable edge to otherwise traditional dancewear shapes for both children and adults alike.  

Once only associated with bikers and rock stars, studs are taking centre stage in the designs for the first half of Bloch’s Autumn trends. Their Karlis Racerback Biketard is decorated with metallic stud detailing along the edge of the racerback design. When combined with the mesh panels and keyhole feature on the back of this leotard, the studs create a look that is much edgier than what we usually expect from an item of dancewear.

If studs aren’t your style, the other half of Bloch’s A/W collection will certainly be of interest. Taking inspiration from traditional Norwegian rosemåling embellishments, Bloch’s Magic Vine series features designs adorned with decorative flock patterns on mesh panelling. Their Basille Camisole Leotard features a striking back detail - a large mesh panel decorated with a beautiful vine-like feature which makes this piece a stand out in any wardrobe. The delicate rosemåling effect contrasted with the edgy feel of the mesh contrasts in an exciting way, adding interest to an otherwise traditional camisole design.

For all Bloch has experimented with these embellishments, it has taken care in ensuring that the overall feel is still gentle enough to be appropriate for ballet wear by offering a range of beautiful colours for this new season collection. Bloch has ventured beyond the classic option of black by producing this range in a selection of berry tones that are perfect for the autumnal season and beyond. In black, the metallic feel of the studs from the Winter Frost collection may harden the look, but in the alternative colours of coral pink or china blue, the studs are given a pearl-like finish which softens the piece and may make this collection accessible to a wider audience. This softer side is also displayed in their accompanying children’s range, in which all studs have been given this pearl effect for a gentle, girly touch. The flock patterns featured on their Magic Vine range may appear gothic in black, so Bloch has once again favoured berry tones for its alternate colour options, offering plum or teal as well as black.

Bloch's new season collection contains endless options for dancers of all styles and ages; both their adult and children’s ranges are beautifully crafted and would be a welcome addition to every dancer’s wardrobe.

You can now see Bloch’s full A/W 2017 range on our website - take your time to dwell on the details of this beautiful collection.

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