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We’ve just launched our first ever fashion collection that’s for kids only! It’s packed with lots of modern, fun and cool styles that we know all your little dancers are going to absolutely love. The Dance Fashion collection currently includes 13 tops, 3 leotards, 4 leggings AND 2 all-in-ones. From £9.50, your little dancers are definitely going to be bugging you for lots of presents from this collection!

Our Highlights of the Collection



Move Dance Printed Leggings
Move Dance


Move Dance Ankle Loop Leggings
Move Dance grey varsity leotard
Move Dance multicolour T-shirt


Move Dance Squad jumpsuit

Want to know more about the collection? Come behind the scenes with us and keep reading to discover what our designer has to say about our new Dance Fashion range.

1. Why did we want to create this range? 

We were inspired by current fashion trends and wanted to create a fusion of fashion and fitness in our clothing - something we know kids love! We then set out to develop looks for kids (from 4-14yrs) that enabled our current customers to purchase general dance themed leisurewear or classroom layers. The idea was to offer more ‘fashion’ outerwear layering pieces suitable for both everyday and light dance.

2. What's inspired the sporty looks?

As with all our collections, the needs and passions of our dancers are always put at the forefront. We held some focus groups with girls aged from 7-12 from local dance schools because we wanted to ensure that this really was their collection. They all absolutely loved the styling boards we'd created so more of a sporty feel became the direction that we took on.  

3. Who is this range aimed at?

Well, do you have a little dancer who loves looking stylish but also can't resist breaking out the occasional plie wherever they go? If the answer's yes, then your child is exactly who our range is aimed at! We wanted to create some stylish clothes for kids between 4-14 years old who simply LOVE dance and totally immerse themselves in it; those kinds of kids who want to wear dance themed outfits to and from class and everywhere they go!

4. Are we going to add more to this range in the future? 

Yes, this is just the beginning! We have plans to extend the range out further this year, expanding on current styles with graphic updates and colours as well adding new styles. We’re still in the early stages of Dance Fashion at Move Dance.

5. How long have you worked on this range? 

I've been totally immersed in our Dance Fashion project for just under a year now, so it's fantastic to see that it's already proving very popular with our shoppers (as I'd hoped!).

6. Did any dancers help create our Dance Fashion collection?

Yes, we always like dancers to give their input to ensure that they're at the  heart of everything we do. Dancers were mostly involved at the early stages of designs for graphic, style and colour input.

7. Did any dancers test the clothes before we launched them? 

Making sure that  our Move Dance products are as perfect as we can make them is very important to us. Lots of young dancers have been wearing Dance Fashion as they're out and about to help us ensure that our fit is great, along with a few other key areas that we test when we're making something new. 

Thanks for chatting with us Clare!

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