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About the Collection

These leotards are like Father Christmas - they’re popping up around Christmas time, they’re unique, there’s nothing quite like them and there never will be again! These limited edition Alegra gymnastics leotards are a one-time only style featured by Move Dancewear. We’re only hand-making a few of each style, so once they’re gone, you won’t have a chance to buy these styles again. This collection features foil overlays, bold colours, and new styles. Our UK Alegra designer spoke to our Alegra gymnastics models to create designs that are visually striking and unique. This curated collection has different styles or features in mind for a specific age group, which means there’s something you’ll love whether you’re 4 or 14! Part of the range has exciting new patterns and colours, including sequin motifs and gold foil for the first time! The sequin motifs have been specially designed to be robust, which means that you should hopefully maintain all sparkle in the wash! The styles for older girls are more sophisticated with mature colours. Each leotard is special and unique, which makes them ideal for a glamorous Christmas gift. But despite their premium finish, the limited edition collection still checks out at under £30.

Have a quick look at the collection before heading over to our website to buy one! Remember, only a limited number of girls will be able to wear this collection, so hurry!



Alegra Gymnastics Rio collection features three designs based on the same bold purple and blue patterned fabric, yet each leotard is completely different.

The Rio sparkle sleeveless leotard is for older gymnasts wearing ages 8-14. The design showcases a toned physique with its printed side panels and plain metallic navy front and back. The cascading purple and silver sequins motif creates a polished look. It’s very decorative and makes a beautiful Christmas gift.

Rio Sparkle Sleeveless Leotard Alegra Rio Sparkle sleeveless gymnastics leotard £26.50


The Rio long sleeve leotard creates a contrast of clean lines with printed fabric. The silver and navy foil metallic waistbands, plus the silver score foil, and the star sequin motif create a vibrant showstopping look. The full metallic purple back of this leotard makes it feel especially festive! This leotard is available in ages 6-12, so we would recommend this for girls who are beginning to advance in gym.

Rio Long Sleeve Leotard Alegra Rio long sleeve gymnastics leotard £28.00


The Rio sleeveless leotard is for children to teenagers in ages 6-14. It has a very sophisticated look with the contrasting purple and pink pattern to a plain navy metallic lower and back. The silver and pink foil metallic waistbands highlight the gymnast’s waist to create a tidy appearance. This leotard is a great alternative to the Rio long sleeve leotard as it has the same vibrant print, but is a little more versatile by being sleeveless and a darker colour. Check out the same glamorous sequin star motif!


Alegra Rio sleeveless gymnastics leotard Alegra Rio sleeveless gymnastics leotard £26.50


Alegra Blizzard and Alegra Storm are designed for older gymnasts and create the perfect wintery look.

Alegra designed the Rio Pink Storm leotard to be only available in ages 8-14, which means that older gymnasts can wear this style exclusively.  We know our gymnasts love looking unique, so we’ve added gold score foil to this leotard which isn’t available on any other leotard yet by Alegra gymnastics. The ombre white to crimson, plus the plain metallic crimson back make this leotard a brave style choice. So if you love giving inimitable gifts, this leotard is perfect!

Alegra Rio Pink Leotard Alegra Pink Storm gymnastics leotard £25


The Rio Blizzard leotard is plain white to black ombre at the front, with a metallic charcoal back. The silver score foil down the front of the leotard gives an elegant touch which will make the leotard catch the light and sparkle during movement. It’s a brave choice to wear this leotard because it’s very subtle and sophisticated, which means the gymnast can highlight her moves. It’s available in sizes 8-14, so a more advanced gymnast can wear this leotard confidently.

Alegra gymnastics Rio Blizzard leotard Alegra Blizzard gymnastics leotard £25




Alegra Candy gymnastics leotards collection features two designs; tank and long sleeve.

The candy Rio long sleeve Candy leotard has a deep purple metallic front and back with a silver foil metallic reverse scoop band across the chest. The silver foil score is reserved for the bright pink and blue patterned sleeves and upper chest. The sleeves on the back of the leotard contrast the purple to create the illusion of short sleeves. We love this print and think it’s so bright and colourful, any gymnast would love to receive it as a gift. It has a pink and silver heart motif on the hip that’s attractive to ages 4-10 that this leotard is designed for.


Rio long sleeve Candy leotard Alegra long sleeve Candy gymnastics leotard £27.50


The Rio Candy tank version feels very bright and fairy like with the silver stardust foil across the front of the leotard. The pastel colours create a swirling cloud print that gives the leotard a dreamy feel. We really like the silver metallic foil strips on the shoulders to contrast the pink tank. The back of the leotard is such a vibrant and shiny pink that the gymnast you gift this too will have all the heads turned looking at them. Available in ages 4-10.

Alegra gymnastics Rio Candy sleeveless leotard Alegra sleeveless Candy gymnastics leotard £26


Alegra Bolt gymnastics leotard

Alegra gymnastics Rio Bolt sleeveless leotard really does make a strike like a lightning bolt. It’s upper white panel with a zig-zag turquoise pattern creates a wintery feel, coupled with the icy blue metallic front and back. The bright blue colour is contrasted by a pink foil metallic reverse scoop band on the chest, and the pink love heart sequin motif further accentuates the pink coloured chestband. It’s a really sweet leotard available in ages 4-10.

Alegra gymnastics Rio Bolt sleeveless leotard Alegra Bolt sleeveless gymnastics leotard £26



Click here to view the Alegra limited edition collection

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